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Janice and Michael

Another Success Story form Dear 100hookup,

I decided after being fed up with guys in college that I'd try something new, "just for fun." My intention was solely to meet nice hookup guys that I could have fun with and date casually. I was not looking for anything serious. So, I hesitantly joined 100hookup in June 2001.

Immediately that night, I got two responses. The first guy that emailed me seemed interesting, and it was possible that we would have things in common. Soon after, I got another response from another guy, and for some reason, I seemed to draw myself towards him. I saw his picture and read his profile, and we really seemed to have a lot in common. It's really hard to explain how you can tell a lot about a person by the way they write, but I really think you can. I could tell a lot by the way he wrote. I then saw his picture, and he was definitely cute. I knew I wanted to pursue this guy a bit more and get to know him.

In his email to me, he left his instant message and asked to see a picture as soon as he could. So, I emailed him back, and that night, we were already talking on instant messenger. I couldn't believe how quickly this guy had acted! He demanded he see a picture that night, which I thought was a little much, but I managed to email him one anyway.

That night, we talked for what was about two hours, and we have been talking ever since! We got married on February 2, 2003 in Beverly Hills and had the most gorgeous wedding. As fate would have it, his brother also met his fiancée on 100hookup, just 2 months before we met, and they got married on July 12, 2003. It's truly amazing that two people can find each other on a dating site.

Thanks 100hookup!!

Janice and Michael
Beverly Hills, CA

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