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Dating Talk

Featured Article

16 Ways to Savor Being Single

Want to know one of the great secrets to finding the guy or gal of your dreams? It's simple. Just relax, let your hair down and enjoy being single. More »

Past Articles

Online Dating Strategy: How To Click

Online dating is still a great way to meet someone. Here are a few tips to help you click online. More »

Confessions of an Online Personals Addict

I have recently become an Internet dating service junkie. If you don't think Internet dating is for you, read this – it may just put a whole new spin on your dating life. More »

Let the Love Flow, Feng Shui Style

Maybe it's time to get back to basics by giving your space a Feng Shui makeover and opening up the flow of love into your life. More »

Brushing Up Your Cyber Talk

If you're a Newbie, chat rooms may take some getting used to. If you're SITD, check out this dictionary of acronyms and then try to DIY. More »

Spice Up Your Email with Emoticons

One of the easiest ways to get the sparks flying through the wires is to spice up your email and chats with a few "emoticons" – the cyber-solution to emotions. More »

Are You a Dog or Cat Person?

Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey, we now have an idea about's pets of choice. Here are the results of the survey. More »

Are You a Love Junky?

Why is it that once we've gotten a taste of romance's natural highs, we always want more, even when it doesn't make sense for our mind, heart or soul? More »

Bye Bye to Being Shy

Don't just sit by your Inbox waiting for an email from Cinderella or Prince Charming to miraculously appear. More »

Catch Spring Fever

Yes, it's that time of the year again--SPRING FEVER has sprung and love is in the air! Here are a few fun things you can do to shake up your life. More »

Conjuring Up Love with Aphrodisiacs

Anyone who has served an elaborate candlelit meal, painstakingly prepared with love, knows the potential power of food. More »

First Cyber Impressions

Even in cyber-space first impressions really do count! Your initial contact could make or break a potential date, relationship or even friendship. More »

Don't Miss a Move

Stop listening to what's coming out of your date's mouth and start paying attention to body language. If you listen to words, you may get stuck with a pack of lies. More »

Feel Out Your Date

The pace of a relationship is a very subjective thing and is different for each couple. So, feel your date out (not literally!). More »

Going Straight for the Heart and the Stomach...

If you're one of the many not heading home for Thanksgiving, this is the perfect opportunity to round up your friends for a tasty turkey dinner. More »

Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?

Oh c'mon, you know you do it. We all do. Don't be shy. Check out your honey's sun sign, just for fun, and see if anything seems familiar. More »

How to be a Hot Weather Hottie

Summer is here! Once again, it's clear that this is the season for love. All it takes is a quick look around to see that everyone's out and about having fun. More »

Let's Cyber

In today's hyper-techno age, long distance relationships have got it made! Try some of these fun suggestions for keeping the love and sizzle alive over the miles. More »

Smile for the Camera

Did you know that 100hookup members who post photos with their profile get contacts and replies from other members much more frequently than those who don't? More »

3-Step Summer Dating Makeover

The weather is hot and so is the season for romance. Dive in and make a big splash with someone special by giving yourself a summer dating makeover. More »