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About Us

Top 10 reasons to join 100hookup:

1. 100hookup is the #1 way to jump-start your love life! No more wasting precious time…
…and no more blind-date blahs! Whether you're simply looking to have a great time, seeking a serious relationship or are returning to the dating scene after some time away, 100hookup is the place for you. We're here to help you meet wonderful people for wonderful relationships: romance, friendships and more. And however full your life is now, it'll be even better once you’re tuned into this social scene. 100hookup is fun, laid-back and comfortable.

2. Take part in one of the world’s greatest online communities.
We're very proud of our members: smart, attractive, successful people from all walks of life, all professions and all ages, living life to its fullest. They’re all looking to connect, network and find romance! 100hookup has hundreds of thousands of members worldwide and is one of the few personals sites around that boasts a nearly perfect 50:50 male-to-female ratio.

3. This is WAY better than the bar scene.
100hookup is more interesting and considerably less expensive than the bar scene. For the price of a few drinks, you can subscribe for a month and meet a new person every day if you like. You can also get to know people and what they're looking for before you contact them, thanks to detailed profiles with photos, essays and all kinds of personal tidbits.

4. A tradition of connecting hookup singles – 21st Century style!
Established in 1997, 100hookup has been the premier online hookup personals community for nearly a decade. We're the modern way for hookup people to find love. Check out our Success Stories section to see hundreds of couples who met and got married thanks to 100hookup. In fact, you probably have friends and family who are 100hookup success stories! Why not be one of them? All you have to do is take the first step and become a Subscriber.

5. Expand your social circle.
Meet people from around the corner or around the world! 100hookup makes it easy to get to know people you might not otherwise meet. Just think, without 100hookup you could walk past your soul mate every day and never even know it.

6. Save beaucoup bucks ($$ bling-bling $$).
100hookup makes meeting new people quick, easy, and inexpensive. One month's Subscriber costs less than a night on the town and delivers the people you WANT to meet, WHEN you want to meet them. With over half-a-million fabulous members, there's someone for everyone to meet – and that definitely includes you!

7. More members. More parties. More travel and events.
We throw some of the largest and most popular hookup events and offer travel adventures to many of the world’s most desirable vacation spots. We provide our members with many, many opportunities to get out there and have a great time.

8. It's not all about looks. It's how you feel and who you are.
100hookup helps you express what you’re all about – your passions, sense of humor, and values – better than chats over cocktails ever could. Common interests are the building blocks for the best relationships. Let the real you shine and likeminded members will take notice.

9. Meet, greet and kick up your feet!
Our secure online server makes dating at 100hookup anonymous and safe, so you're free to sit back, relax and meet people from the comfort of your home or office, any time of day or night.

Check out some of the features we've developed to help you get to know the people you’re looking for:

Secret Admirer?
Secret Admirer? is a simple way for you to meet the members you think you'd click with and who feel the same about you. It's fun, easy, and everyone can participate!

Just look for Secret Admirer? in members' profiles and tell us if you think the two of you would click by picking Y, M or N. Don't worry, we keep it confidential unless they also click Y for you. If there's a mutual "Yes," we'll give you both a Secret Admirer? Alert. That's when the magic happens. Send an email and introduce yourself!

Create a profile
Our user-friendly interface will get you JDating in no time. Just answer a few questions, describe yourself, and post up to four fabulous photos. Within minutes, you're on the scene!

Search – Find someone intriguing today!
Just enter the characteristics and desired location of the person you want to meet and get ready to be wowed.

Once your profile is up, other members can email you. However, as a Premium Member, you can write to anyone you choose. If you're not interested, you can simply decline contact and remain anonymous. But if they pique your interest, write back and forth to test the chemistry! There’s no pressure to meet in person until you’re ready.

Instant messaging - Instant gratification!
Did someone’s profile grab your attention? If they're online, send an instant message and see if sparks fly. Video chat, audio chat and good old-fashioned text chat enable you to make the connection.

Real-time chat
Stop by our lively chat rooms to mingle with other singles.

Message Boards – Express yourself!
With everything from Judaism to entertainment to relationships and dating, message boards let you connect and interact with other members while you get informed, share your thoughts and see what other 100hookuprs have to say. It’s also an amazing resource and a fabulous way to get hooked into the community and find people with common interests.

E-cards – make some fun connections
E-cards are another great way to communicate and connect with people on the site or to send greetings to friends outside the 100hookup community. That's right, you can send E-cards to anyone you like!

Members Online
See photos and profiles of everyone who's online when you are. 100hookup makes it easy to keep track of everyone you meet with our “Hot List” feature. Add interesting singles to your "Favorites" or to any other personalized category that you create!

10. The 100hookup Team is available.
Our mission is to make sure you're successful. Dial 1-877-453-3861 for friendly and knowledgeable assistance. 100hookup Consultants are here to answer your questions and help you find who you're looking for. The first step is up to you. Why not expand your social scene, explore new possibilities and enjoy exciting adventures? 100hookup is where it happens.

Become a Premium Member today!

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