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Sondra and Seth
Like most first time Internet dating service users, we were both a bit skeptical, to say the least. Both Seth and I had joined as a joke with no serious intentions of actually finding that special person. After all, all you ever hear about are meeting freaks or computer geeks on computer dating sites.

In the beginning, both Seth and I received emails from fellow 100hookup members who were eager to start up conversation. We had spoken to a few 100hookup members on the phone and even went out on a few first dates. For both of us, these dates didn’t amount to more than one or two evenings out. Of course that was until Seth emailed me.

To this day, Seth can’t explain why he chose to write to me out of all the beautiful women that are on 100hookup. I guess one could just best explain it as a simple twist of fate. After Seth and I exchanged emails for a couple of days, we decided to exchange phone numbers. After our first telephone conversation, we both had a sense that there was something special beginning between us. Seth and I decided to meet up for dinner for our first date so that we could further engage in conversation and learn more about one another. After enjoying two hours of conversation over dinner, we decided to go for a romantic moonlit walk in the park.

That evening marked the beginning of nonstop conversation and ever-growing love between the two of us. Six months after that wonderful evening, Seth proposed to me in the most romantic and wonderful way I could have ever imagined. Today, we are excitedly planning our wedding and the beginning of a wonderful future together -- and it’s all because of 100hookup.

If it weren’t for 100hookup, Seth and I would still be meeting individuals with little self-worth at bars or individuals who have no future goals. Needless to say, Seth and I are very grateful for everything 100hookup has done for us and can’t encourage enough of our single friends to join.

Life is what you make of it, and 100hookup enabled us to fulfill each others missing parts. Not only did 100hookup create a wonderful union between Seth and myself, but it subsequently created a wonderful union between Seth’s best friend and my sister (who are also on the path to engagement). Thanks for everything and best of luck to 100hookup members everywhere.

Sondra and Seth
New York, New York

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