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Mazel Tov

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Valerie and Adam
This is the story of us -- a simple tale of love, romance and meeting your "lobster" (see the TV show “Friends” if you don't understand that one).

I first saw Valerie's picture when I was deciding to move back to the Washington, D.C. area. However, by the time I had moved to the area, she was off 100hookup, as she was dating someone else. I thought I had missed my shot.

The following year, when she reappeared, I was quick on the draw; I knew I wanted to email her because she sounded so sweet in her profile and looked so nice and attractive in her pictures. Maybe she thought I was a bit psycho as I wrote her probably 5 minutes after she came back on 100hookup. Thankfully, she didn't, and after our first date of 3 hours of non-stop conversation over wine, I think we both thought this one had potential.

Over the following months, we spent more and more time together. I came to realize how incredible Valerie was (and maybe she had the same feelings towards me, but since I'm writing this and I'm not that presumptuous, I won't say that). We met each other’s friends (Marla & Randy, this means you in particular) who told us what we were beginning to realize: we were great together and would someday get married. Before long, as lovers and best friends, we were spending as much time together as possible.

And so it was, in the middle of a snowstorm in the Virginia mountains on Valentine’s Day weekend, that I proposed. In the middle of a field covered with nearly 6 inches of snow, I got down on one knee. Stunned, Valerie did not immediately answer, instead pushing me over in the snow, jumping on me and only then saying yes.

It goes without saying that we are very happy and in the midst of planning a November 2003 wedding as I write (I'm learning just how "fun" it is to go shopping for china and crystal...).

Valerie and Adam
Washington, D.C.

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