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Mazel Tov

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Shirley A. and Mark W.
New Happy Story from 100hookupMark e-mailed me at, and I was very flip with my response--my job was very busy at the time and I doubted I would have time for him. Well, lucky for me, he pursued the situation and called during a weeklong bout with the flu. We talked for hours a day over the next week, and the following week, we met at a restaurant to see how we felt face to face. Wow! A newly combined familyWe talked for hours, and upon returning to our own homes, we talked the rest of the night on the phone. Mark knew that night that he would marry me, and I knew that night that he was pretty special. The next step was to introduce the children... and they hit it off as well as we did!!! We were married on Mark's birthday in July, and we are so HAPPY! Thank you!!!!! You have helped successfully unite a great family! Together we are so strong!

Shirley A. and Mark W.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA and NY, NY

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