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Dear 100hookup,

I came home from living overseas for 3 years in October 1999. I was depressed, lonely, recently heartbroken and feeling pretty hopeless about my chances for romance. Even though I was only 26, I'd been hurt a lot, and living away for so long had really made a negative impact on my social circle in Toronto.

My cousin recommended as a way to get back into the scene, and I was a little scared that I'd seem "desperate" and also that I would only meet people who were also desperate.  But I wanted to get out and meet people, so I tried. My first 4 dates were fine -- no fireworks but the guys were nice and "normal" and had not lied in their profiles...I started feeling better about it.

One lonely Saturday night (after being stood up by someone I did not meet on 100hookup), I was in the chat rooms and tired of meeting people from all over the place since I wanted to meet someone close to home (I'd traveled enough). So, I made a Toronto room, only misspelled it "Toront." Needless to say, it was not a popular room, and the only people that came in were my best friend, who was also chatting, and a guy named Adam. Quickly after we began chatting, Adam and I were on the phone for hours and made plans to meet.

Our first date was a meeting at a local pool hall a week later, and we had a wonderful time. He had also traveled a lot so we had a lot to talk about. I wasn't sure if it was love at first sight--he was not quite my type, a little older and a little conservative--but I was sure I wanted to talk to him some more, and within 2 weeks, I could not imagine a day without talking to him and found myself unreasonably disappointed one night when he had to cancel some plans—even though I was still trying to figure out if we liked each other a friends or more...

So I invited him to meet my friends at a party...I guess getting out like that broke down our inhibitions because we shared our first kiss that night and have been inseparable ever since. On May 24, 2001, he proposed to me with a gorgeous ring custom made from my late bubbie's earrings. He knew how much I loved the earrings and how much I longed to find a way to remember my bubbie and wear them everyday (the earrings were too elaborate for daily wear). So he made them into my most precious piece of jewelry. We were married in Toronto on November 18, 2001, and it has been bliss ever since. We are now expecting our first child in March 2003!!!

I am so thankful to 100hookup for giving me the opportunity to meet this wonderful man who has become my reason for living--who was not exactly what I was looking for but was everything I needed in my life, and with whom I have created this precious life I am carrying inside me and we will soon be meeting!

Jill and Adam
Toronto, Ontario - Canada

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