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Five years ago this past July, my brother got engaged through 100hookup to his wife. This made my mother very happy. I decided to get on 100hookup and see what would happen. I knew they had a chat room, and it would be a great way to talk to other Jews.

I was in a chat room one day and saw that someone named Rick had made a comment about 29 being old. I, being 24 at the time, decided to message him and ask him about his comment. We struck up a conversation and found we had a lot in common even though we were living in different countries. Rick lives in Los Angeles, California, and I live in Toronto, Canada.

In the following four years, we kept in touch and remained very good friends. We flirted in the beginning, but decided it could go nowhere at the time, so we concentrated on our friendship. We shared our dating horror stories and our lives.

Last year, he decided we should meet in person and see what would happen.

Well, during the American Thanksgiving, on November 28th, we had our first date up here in Toronto, and everything clicked perfectly. Appropriately, he asked me if he could call me his girlfriend on December 16th while we were chatting online.

I said yes.

On December 24th, he came back to Toronto to stay until New Year's Day. The very next day, he told me he loved me, and we have been planning our life together ever since.

He formally proposed to me just an hour or so after meeting my parents in Calgary and presented me the most beautiful ring. He asked me, love of his life, to marry him on April 25th.

I said yes.

We are getting married on April 3rd, 2004, and we have 100hookup to thank for bringing us together.

Thank you ever so much!

Nealy and Rick
Toronto, Canada and California, USA


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