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The story of us was written in the stars

I can’t remember how many times it was that I had suspended my membership to 100hookup… But then fate would step in and take its proper course to bring my soul mate and I together forever. Well, fate and a little help from the magic of cyberspace that is! Greg was living in New York for the summer and did a search for women in his hometown of Los Angeles. I just happened to be a match, and we came to find out that it took him going to New York to find someone living in a ten mile radius of him. Greg’s first contact email on August 8, 2002 overrode any ideas of discarding it and going onto the next. Somehow his mere words were sincere enough to believe and different enough to respond to. So after a plane trip home, Greg sent me his picture, we exchanged numbers in random emails, then eventually he made good use of my phone number and we set up our first date for September 8, 2002.

After our first date, I quickly recognized that in Greg I had found a rare and exceptional human being. An example of something so magical occurred the next evening, after our first date. A vase full of one dozen red roses decorated my room with a note that read: “Dear Tammi, I had a great time last night. From, Greg.” This would be the first of countless gestures that never would go unnoticed.

In the months to follow, we scheduled friend and family meetings, in addition to some weekend getaways. Our first trip was to Vegas. In my 100hookup profile, it asks for you to describe what your ‘perfect date’ would consist of, and for fun, I threw in, “flying to Paris for the day.” I guess you could say that Greg took me on a ‘perfect date’ to the Paris Restaurant at the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas. For Greg’s birthday, I surprised him with winter in New York, and for the New Year, he returned the surprise with a champagne countdown in Las Vegas.

Indeed, love is not only a display of the good times, but with them come storms that we manage to weather together. A couple of weeks after the New Year, I managed to cut open my left index finger that required five stitches in mending it. Greg made sure to be my doctor, friend, Kleenex, and psychologist throughout this mini crisis, while all along maintaining a top-secret proposal…

February 8, 2003 marked our five-month anniversary. The plan was to spend it over a nice dinner. As a surprise, Greg took me to the site of our first date at ‘The Ivy’ in Beverly Hills. Although I had no idea where we were headed that evening, I just happen to be wearing the same shirt I wore on our first date. Greg also specifically requested that we be sat at the same table from our first date. It seemed that February 8, 2003 was a reenactment of September 8, 2002, except with an unexpected twist.

Greg made sure to tell me not to order dessert -- that we would go back to his place. I agreed and figured nothing of it. Near his place, there is this hotel that we always imagine getting married at. On this particular evening, he pulled into the driveway of the hotel and said that this is where he had planned for us to have dessert. Still, completely star struck, I agreed to follow his lead. We went into the hotel and looked at the restaurant, but Greg made a mention of us having dessert outdoors. This seemed strange to me, but I was still under his spell. We went outdoors in the garden area of the hotel, where there was a beautifully lit gazebo. There was music playing as he took me in the center of the gazebo. I figured he was being romantic and that we would dance under the moonlight. He was being very quiet, so I made a mention/ hint and said, “A lot of people get married here…” Greg replied by saying, “A lot of people get married here, but this is where we get engaged.” At that moment, he bent down on his right knee and presented me with an engagement ring. I replied “yes” instantaneously and threw my arms around him. I knew that this moment would confirm what G-d had already known, that we were fated to be together, forever. Greg and I will be married on May 8, 2004. Somehow that date seems as perfectly drawn up as the details of our relationship.

Thank you 100hookup for realizing that Greg and I were destined to be together, even before we knew for ourselves!

Here is the picture we had taken the night that Greg proposed. We hope you enjoy our story and post it so people can realize that computer dating does work. Greg and I our living proof that dreams do come true.

Tammi and Greg
Los Angeles, California


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