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Daniella and Golan

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My name is Daniella and my husband's name is Golan. We met on 100hookup. Neither one of us had ever resorted to the Internet to find a date, but a friend of mine called me up one day and told me she met a great (and very cute) guy on 100hookup. She tried to guide me to sign on, just so that I could see the guy's picture that she had met. So while trying to get onto your site to look at the guy my friend had met, I got lost and ended up in a chat room, where I met Golan.

I am from Los Angeles, and he is from New York. We met online in January 2002. In March, Golan sent me a ticket to come to NY...and from that point on, we saw each other every 3-4 weeks...either I flew there or he came here. My trips would be 3 - 5 days long since I worked, and he has his own business, so he could take off closer to a week each time.

Golan proposed in July, and I moved to NY at the end of September. We got married in February 2003.

I have several friends that had met and got married through 100hookup, but now I can confirm that it CAN work. Yarden and Paul, who also share a success story on your site, are good friends and have been married for several years now. It may not be easy to find a competitive person out there who meets your standards, but at least, it’s good to know that meeting a nice hookup boy has gotten a bit easier thanks to you guys.

I am very thankful that I got the chance to meet my soul mate and best friend. Thank you.

Daniella & Golan
Santa Monica, CA & New York, NY

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