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Erin and Stephen

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I was a single 25-year-old living in Chicago and signed up for, hoping to find a "nice hookup man." I went on many dates in the year I was a member and was beginning to think my dream man was not a reality.

I came across Stephen’s profile while trying new searches since my standard search was bringing up the same old guys. I saw his profile and thought he was older (by 10 years), but he was handsome, smart and had a solid idea of what he was looking for. We exchanged emails and set up a lunch date. We sat in the restaurant for hours talking and laughing, and even set up 2 additional dates. We talked on the phone for hours and went out on dates almost every other day. We were inseparable.

After dating for 5 months and going on many trips together, I moved in to his suburban home. He is the most romantic man I have ever met. From the day I met him, he has sent me love notes, flowers and always tells me what he is thinking.

One month after moving in, he proposed! I knew we were going to be together forever, but it took me by total surprise, and I think it is the only secret my mother has never been able to keep. Since we met online and he owns a computer business, he made a web site proposing.

I was so happy. We both love to travel and go to Las Vegas about every month, so we thought it was only appropriate to have our wedding in our favorite place, the Bellagio Hotel.

It was a fairytale wedding that was perfect. We had 70 of our friends and family join us in beginning our lives together. From 10 days before the wedding, Stephen was counting down the days with roses. Everyday I would get roses in the quantity of days that were left.

We want to thank 100hookup for helping us find each other. We would have never met without you.

Erin and Stephen

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