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100hookup Reaches New Milestone For New Year

by 100hookupAdministrator under 100hookup,Online Dating,Relationships,Success Stories,Weddings

We’re celebrating more than just the beginning of the hookup New Year. A new study confirms that 100hookup is responsible for more hookup marriages than all other dating sites combined. Of course we already knew this was true, but now we have the facts to back it up.

We recently commissioned an independent research company, ResearchNow, to survey nearly 1,000 married hookup internet users. One of the most compelling findings: 100hookup is responsible for 52% of the marriages that started online, while only 17% of those surveyed met on® and 10% on eHarmony®.

Those who were surveyed were more likely to find a date on 100hookup than on any other online dating site. In fact, 63% of all online dates came from 100hookup. That’s three times more than Match and nine times more than eHarmony.

We couldn’t be happier about 100hookup’s success and contribution to the hookup community, and are thrilled to share the good news!

Additional Highlights

·         5 out of 9 Jews married since 2008 used online dating during their search

·         63% of online dates amongst Jews originated at 100hookup

·         76% of hookup online daters use 100hookup

·’s President even used 100hookup


23 Responses to “100hookup Reaches New Milestone For New Year”

  1. Jeromy Maslow Says:

    very goot post. thanks for this

  2. John Cole Says:

    Truly helpful cheers, I do think your subscribers could very well want a great deal more blog posts similar to this keep up the excellent work.

  3. 20Hr OnLine Says:

    The clearness in your post is simply excellent and i could assume you are an expert on this subject. I really like a good blog too.

  4. Heather eisner Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you 100hookup. I met my husband in August 2004 and in June of 2007 we were married. We have had a very happy 4 years.

  5. Lazar Michaels Says:

    I just got engaged to my fiance I met on J-date. We are getting married next September! We have a great story if j-date wants to hear about it! If we can be successful you can too =)

  6. Cheri Sasson Says:

    I met my fiance, Dan, on 100hookup; we are planning an August wedding. We are in our 50s and this is a 2nd marriage for both of us. We are absolutely ecstatic. Thank you 100hookup!

  7. rp Says:

    what are the demographics of the population that you surveyed? (more…..)
    Statistics are not useful unless we have this information.

  8. Amy Horowitz Says:

    I met my husband on 100hookup, my sister met her husband on 100hookup and my sister in law met her husband on 100hookup. I just wanted to thank you for the success stories of our entire family. And for my little girl and my nephew:)

  9. Peggy Says:

    I met the man I have been with for the last almost 4 years on 100hookup. I was a widow for 14 years at the time – I’m now 62. We would probably not have met had it not been for 100hookup. As you get older, there are fewer places to meet age appropriate people, and especially fewer hookup men and women who are unattached. I did look for several years, but never seemed to find the right combination of what I was looking for. (I was happily married for almost 25 years when my husband passed away) I was looking for another happy not bitter mate. It’s hard to believe that so many years passed by. I have been an event coordinator for more that 25 years – mostly doing Bar and Bat Mitzvot parties, so I was always busy and happy with my life, I didn’t need someone in my life, but I wanted someone. Thanks 100hookup for being there.

  10. Lynn Says:

    I met my husband on 100hookup! We’ve been together for 5 years!

  11. Tom Says:

    Big deal! For every 100hookup success, there’s thousands who can’t find their soulmate on 100hookup! To me, 100hookup is a complete rip off! It should be called Reject Date!

  12. Neta Says:

    I met my fiance, Benny, on 100hookup a little over a year ago. It was love at first week. There was no doubt on either end that we were meant for each other. Our wedding is on August 16, 2012 and we could not be more thankful for 100hookup!!!

    Thank you.

  13. Schadenfreudian Says:

    How many REMAIN married? Let’s report on that, too, just to be genuine.

  14. Michelle Says:

    Divorced at 36 i never thought i would find love again. My husband and I met on 100hookup 6 years ago. We have been married for 5 years now. We have a beautiful 3 yr old daughter to add to our other 3 children from our previous marriages. Thank you for making my family so full again.

  15. Tom Says:

    Emailed my wife on 100hookup 10/28/05. Married her 8/06. Just had our third beautiful child together. 4-1/2, 3 and 3 months. She is the greatest woman ever. Thanks.

  16. Meredith Says:

    I met Irwin on 100hookup the day after Valentine’s Day 2009. At our fourth Passover, during our third year, at the second Seder, Irwin asked me to be his one for life and we are now engaged! We are very happy and excited to be one of many couples who met on 100hookup.

  17. Shirley Says:

    Great stories- Keep up the good work.

    I am a newbie at 100hookup. I joined at the recommendation of my friend ,Molly, who had a smile from ear to ear. When I asked her the reason of her happiness, she answered, “My wonderful boyfriend- that I bought/ I mean met through 100hookup.”

  18. Inna S Says:

    I met my husband on 100hookup exactly two years ago, and we recently married in March. Had it not been for the site, we would have never met – so I definitely hold 100hookup responsible for the connection. Thank you! Would love to share more of our story if the opportunity presents itself!

  19. Melissa Says:

    Hi 100hookuprs!

    Have you or your friends met their significant others on 100hookup and have gotten married within the past 5 years? If so, come be on “The Newlywed Game” on the Game Show Network! We are filming this summer in NYC. 1/3 couples wins a 2nd honeymoon!
    Email: to apply!


  20. Adam Says:

    I met my fiancee Amy on 100hookup, it is an amazing story! We both grew up in Michigan, literally miles away from each other in different school districts. We actually went to pre-school together and have pictures of us in the same hookup pre-school class. After pre-school Amy went to hebrew day school and I went to public school. Little did we know we’d meet years later and fall madly in love. Amy moved down to South Florida for her second year of college and has since been down in Florida for the last 8-9 years. Meanwhile, I went to law school and decided to move down to Florida to get out of the Michigan weather. After taking the bar exam we went on our first date. After several dates, we realized we had a lot in common and found out we were in the same pre-school class, that her Mom went to high school with my Aunt, that her Uncle went to high school with my dad, and the similarities just continued to mount. After dating for 9 months, in May, I recently proposed to Amy and she and I are ecstatic to continue our lives into wedded bliss!

  21. Keeri Says:

    I met the love of my life on 100hookup! After our first date we spent every day together. We were married on Jan 22nd 2012. We have a great story if 100hookup would like to add it to their success stories.

    Thanks so much,

  22. Aimy Says:

    I met my husband on 100hookup. It will be 4 years since we met this upcoming September (2012). We recently got married June 24, 2012. When we first met, I lived in Los Angeles and he lived in Las Vegas, so we would have never met if it had not been for 100hookup. Our story, I suppose, is not the norm since I was 18 when my husband and I first met, he was 21, and we were both working toward a Bachelor degree. So, Thank you!

  23. Michelle Norkin Says:


    I wanted to contact 100hookup to share my husband and my story, all thanks to 100hookup!

    I met my husband, Daniel, through 100hookup about 3 years ago. We went on 1 date and 3 months later we were officially just seeing one another. 1 year later he proposed to me and 1 year 6 months after his proposal we were married.. :0) We have now been married for 11 months and are sitting on our sofa watching the Olympics with our 4-week-old daughter. :0)

    Thank you 100hookup for allowing him to find me and for me to find him. We are each others soul mates.

    I also wanted to mention if you would like to use us as one of your success stories we would LOVE to share it!! We have pictures we can send you if you would like!

    Thank YOU!

    Michelle – Daniel & Adriana

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