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Let's Cyber

Do you ever worry that you're going to meet someone online that you absolutely love, adore, cherish, want to spend the rest of your life with...who turns out to live a gazillion miles away? So far, in fact, that where they live it's called kilometers not miles?

Well, if that's what you're thinking, DON'T, because in today's hyper-techno age, long distance relationships have got it made! AND, they have an edge—what better way to really get to know each other than to be forced to get past the superficial and get down to the intimate nitty-gritty?

Nevertheless, biding the time until you're together indefinitely can be rough—you ARE human, and no amount of emailing can ever replace a good cuddle or romp in the hay. And, if enough time passes, the whole thing can get downright boring and kill that fun spark you had when you first met.

In order to avoid the rut, try some of these fun and easy suggestions for keeping the love and sizzle alive over the miles (or even across town):

Keeping the s i z z in your long distance sizzle

  • Communicate! Get in some kind of routine for talking/emailing daily and reassure each other as often as possible that you still care (if you don't think you're that nice, do it anyway—it'll make your life MUCH easier, you'll see!).
  • Try something new. Remember that there are other ways to communicate online besides email: meet in the chat room, set up your own private room, talk through instant messenger, or invest in a web cam.
  • Get a killer phone deal—you can find free minutes and cheap long distance rates everywhere, so shop around and feel free to call anytime.
  • Get gutsy. Call your sweetie up on the phone and tell him/her what you'd like to be doing (and we're not talking about the dishes here—unless you mean in the buff, of course); set up a time to meet online for a little private chat—be descriptive and let your imagination run wild; start a steamy email chain—tell your honey a fantasy of yours and then ask him/her for one: What? Where? When? How? Wearing? Keep going back and forth until you have a bunch and save all the emails. Next time you're together, pick a fantasy and give it a whirl.
  • Stay playful. Send each other silly and romantic stuff: mail her your favorite old t-shirt to sleep in; mail him sexy lingerie and tell him to hold onto it until you can get there to wear it; email funny or sexy pictures (now's the time to buy that digital camera); send stupid presents like stuffed animals or BBQ sauce; make mixed tapes of your favorite songs; have a pizza delivered with "I Miss You" written in green peppers; etc...
  • Keep the anticipation alive. Always know when you're going to see each other next (in the flesh!)—make plans now if you don't have any.