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3-Step Summer Dating Makeover

Summer Lovin' Havin' a Blast...
Summer Lovin' Happens so Fast...

The weather is hot and so is the season for romance. Dive in and make a big splash with someone special by giving yourself an easy 3-Step Summer Dating Makeover:

  1. Punch up your profile photos
    (you have photos, right?) Make sure they're up to par for the season... Think fun, light colors, in-focus, good hair and sunshiny smiles. If what you have right now doesn't make the grade, post new ones -- it's the easiest way to get more attention and catch the eye of local members.
  2. Snazz up your profile, especially your essays.
    Add at least a couple of new details about wonderful you and come up with a fabulous summer date for your "ideal first date" essay. Don't forget to spell check.
  3. Splurge on a new do and have at least one summer outfit
    that makes you feel absolutely fabulous. If nothing in your closet does it for you, hit the stores. A small investment into feeling good about your look can go a long way on the love scene.
Quick Tip Having trouble making your profile catchy? Check out our list of things to write about or Call our Customer Care Staff toll free to give you a hand: 1-877-453-3861

Take the love plunge with our Summer Flirting Checklist

Once you've done your makeover, you're ready to start lining up your summer dates. Don't be shy. Summer is the time for flirting, and believe it or not, those happy couples you see flitting about are the ones who got out there and made the effort to meet new people.

Want to make it easy on yourself? Try these simple steps every week for the next month and watch your love life bloom...

Summer Flirting Checklist (do each step at least once a week)

  • At the beginning of the week, search for local singles and update your favorites list. New people are joining the site daily.
  • Contact at least 2 people that catch your eye. Keep your first emails short, but be sure to personalize them and add some charm by mentioning something unique that you like about every person.
  • If you connect with someone, make the effort to meet offline. Try getting together for a refreshing drink at an outdoor café
  • Get out of the house and do at least one activity that you love. You're most attractive when you're being yourself and having fun.