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16 Ways to Savor Being Single

Want to know one of the great secrets to finding the guy or gal of your dreams? It’s simple. Just relax, let your hair down and enjoy being single.

All it takes is a quick look around to see that we’re all attracted to people who feel good about themselves and who are honestly happy and having fun. So, if you’re looking for love, why not try on a new shade of glasses and find out what it’s like to be a hot and happy-go-lucky single?

Start by taking on a positive attitude and accepting that you’re just where you’re supposed to be in your life. (You are, because otherwise, you’d be somewhere else!) Once you believe this, you’ll be free to enjoy life in the moment and that means taking advantage of being single. Soon enough, you’ll be reveling in your day-to-day, and the next thing you know, you’ll be attracting exactly the kind of people you’re looking for -- people who are enjoying life just like you.

Here are a few things you can do to get on your way. Why? Because you can, because you’re single!

16 Ways to Delight in Being Single

  1. Set up regular get-togethers with your friends. Remember those people who are always there for you? The ones who call even though you’ve forgotten them for six months while chasing Mr. or Ms. Right? The ones who let you cry on their shoulder and then get you to laugh, no matter how bad it seems? Remember them? Well, now you have time to hang out and be a good friend in return. Getting together every week can keep you grounded and give you an outlet to vent, laugh and have fun on a regular basis. Plus, it’s a good barometer for what’s going on in your day-to-day. Your friends will be the ones to tell you if you need a hug or if you just need to snap out of it. So take the initiative and start a weekly tradition. Sunday brunch, spa visits, Monday night football, anyone?
  2. Flirt and date all over the place. This, of course, is the ultimate singles perk because, basically, you’re free to flirt, play the field, and get a good taste of who’s out there, all without a second thought. Date as many people as you want. See someone every week or only once a month. Try different people on for size to see what makes you happy. And you’re in the right place, because online personals are the perfect way to take full advantage of your freedom. Flirt all night in the chat room. Contact 20 members a day and go out with ALL of them. Or take all the time in the world to look through profiles until you find the one that grabs your attention. No one’s rushing you. You’re free to do it your way.
  3. Be the King or Queen of your castle. Messy or compulsively neat? Art-Deco, Ikea or hand-made furniture? Whatever floats your boat, make sure that’s what you come home to and then take full advantage of your free reign! Leave your dirty dishes out or keep them spic and span. Keep your toothpaste cap on or off. Alphabetize your CD’s or put them in chronological order. Hog the remote and the covers. Paint your walls pink or plaster them with Laker posters. Run around naked or wear your favorite Star Wars robe. Swear whenever you please. Be moody all the time. Rejoice in your singleness!
  4. Experiment. Try new and different things--things you’ve always dreamed of. Take a class that’s been calling your name. Take a work hiatus and go on an African safari. Start your own business. Dare yourself to do whatever your heart is yearning for... and be proud!
  5. Forget the notion that you have to be part of a couple to be happy. Turn off the tape recorder in your head that repeats what family, friends, enemies and society have told you. And if anyone ever again gives you grief about being single, tell them to mind their own beeswax. Remember, it’s always brighter on the other side, so your best bet is to enjoy whatever’s on your plate at the moment and not worry about anyone else.
  6. Treat yourself to something relaxing. Get a massage. Take a nap in the middle of the day. Go for a jog or play basketball. Listen to opera or play the flute. Putter around the house or tool around with your car. Everyone’s different when it comes to relaxing, so use this opportunity to find out what it takes for you to unwind. Then, incorporate it into your life on a weekly, if not daily, basis.
  7. Be entertained. At least once a week, do something that YOU find entertaining. Plan to watch your favorite TV show. Rent or go to a movie YOU want to see. Grab tickets to a concert that sounds cool. Invite someone with similar tastes or enjoy your diversion on your own. Who knows, if you go solo, you might even meet some new friends who have the same interests as you.
  8. Indulge. Treat yourself the way you want your future significant other to treat you. Not only will this keep you happy for now, but when you do meet someone, it’ll show them what they have to live up to. Compliment yourself. Listen to your thoughts. Give yourself a break when you make a mistake. Give yourself weekly treats — flowers or a nice dinner--and at least one big present every month -- a new outfit or a night out on the town. With one less birthday to remember and all the money you’re not spending on your significant other, you’re free to take advantage and shower yourself with love... and gifts!
  9. Get in shape, get healthy and do it just for you. You’re the one who lives in your body, so make it a comfortable place to be. Whether that means loving it as is, taking vitamin C, gaining 5 pounds, or joining a gym and working your butt off (literally), do what it takes to feel good about your health. Make a list of what you need to do and jump in. Since it’s just you, there’s no pressure to do anything overnight... as long as you keep your commitment to yourself.
  10. Eat something you love every week. Go out for ice-cream or cook that scrumptious meal that tickles your fancy. If you’re feeling sociable, invite friends over to share your exquisite taste. And for the rest of the week, chow down as you please. Sushi and cheeseburgers, anyone?
  11. Plan your weekend the way you want to, or plan nothing at all. Ah, the glory of it!
  12. Have lots of pals of the opposite sex. They will inspire you, be your stand-in dates, make other people jealous, and tell you all kinds of things you never knew. Most importantly, they will teach you to see the similarities between the sexes, which is never as easy to do when you’re dating.
  13. Escape on a little getaway every month. Since there’s no one to think about but you, this is definitely the time to go whenever and wherever you please. Besides, even if it’s just a drive or a hike, getting out of town is one of the best ways to get back to basics and re-energize. And you never know what kinds of interesting people you might run into when you’re out and about being you!
  14. Don’t be perfect. Being happy-go-lucky requires balance, which includes learning that it’s okay to make mistakes. This is a toughy, but if you’re ready to be a carefree single, it’s a good idea to give yourself a break and accept that you’re not perfect. Once you do this, you’ll feel so good that the next time you’re in a relationship, you’re sure to bring your new conviction with you... and hopefully take it a step further to realize that your partner makes mistakes too.
  15. Do some soul searching. When you’re on your own, you can’t help but look at yourself and see things you don’t like. Hopefully, you’ll also see the real gems in your personality. The trick is to face up to and let go of the undesirable traits, then pull out your charms, polish them off and keep them there to shine. This can be a challenge, but once you come clean with yourself, you’ll feel light as a feather. Remember, you can’t give love or receive it until you love yourself first. Hats off to clichés—sometimes they’re true!
  16. Be everything that you can be... for yourself and no one else.

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