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How to be a Hot Weather Hottie

Summer is here! The days are long, the heat is on, and once again, it's clear that this is the season for love. All it takes is a quick look around to see that everyone's out and about having fun. Whether on a seaside vacation getaway, a weekend bike ride, partying by moonlight, tanning by the pool, driving around with the top down or lunching with friends at an outdoor cafe, everyone's in a good mood and the possibilities seem endless.

Naturally, the flirts are out in full force, and with loads of infectious winks, smiles and laughter in the air, the vibe is really quite catchy. So if you're single this summer, why not have a little fun? Let the warm weather fuel your fire and then take a flirtatious plunge.

Here are some tips to get the ball rolling:

  • Get to the hot spots. Put yourself out there and stay active. Either on vacation or at home, take advantage of the long summer hours and get involved in activities where you're likely to meet people. And if you think there's nothing to do, think again--go to a movie, go strolling, dancing, take your dog to the park, sign up for a sailing or scuba class, go roller-blading or bike riding, or look in the paper for local summer happenings and concerts. There's always something going on that'll float your boat!
  • Take the plunge. Talk to everyone! That way when you come across your ultimate hottie, it'll be second nature. If you're shy, just smile and say hi for starters. Soon you'll warm up to it, and the next thing you know, you'll be a regular social butterfly.
  • Dish it out. Be generous with compliments--everyone loves to be noticed and will love you for it. Just be sure to keep your words sincere.
  • Be cool. Attitude and emotions are everything when you're flirting, so be sure of yourself and wear your passion for life on your sleeve.
  • Enjoy yourself. Humor and playfulness are OH SO HOT!
  • Stay in the shade. Keep the focus off of you and let the object of your affection bask in the sunlight. Ask a lot of questions and listen closely. If nothing comes to mind, pick something about the person that stands out, something that attracted you, and let them know how you feel.
  • Turn on the charm. Smile, wink, and make eye-contact whenever possible, and be approachable enough for others to send some charm your way--keep your head up, posture good, arms uncrossed, and smile (always the key!).
  • Jump into the cyber-scene. Everyone's online these days, and it's a great way to meet fun new people in your area or even at your next vacation spot. Take full advantage by keeping up with all the new singles at the site and by contacting at least a couple of new people every week. You can score extra points by making the effort to meet them offline for a refreshing drink at an outdoor café.
  • Shine. Do everything to feel confident and comfortable with how you look and feel. Stay in shape. Pamper yourself. Eat light. Get a good night's rest (at least once a week). Put on those fun summer clothes--flowery dresses, flip-flops, beach shorts and tees. Lay out and get a little tan. And DO wear sunscreen.
  • Take risks. Talk to the cutie in line. Email the newbie at the dating site. Dare to wear something wild, like those hot pants or outrageously cool shades. Any time you do something different, your confidence level will shoot through the roof, and you'll feel like a million bucks!
  • Go wild on your getaway. When you're on vacation almost anything goes--everyone's friendly and they expect you to be daring enough to join in the party. So, get out and stay there--hook up with a group for a day-trip, ask some cutie to go snorkeling or to the disco, grab a friend and head into town to soak up some local color.
  • Look for the beauty in everyone. The best flirts are pros at this and that's why everyone loves them. Even if you're not interested in someone you're talking with, you can still be an all-around charmer--it's sure to brighten your day in ways you never expected. Besides, your friendly attitude may attract someone nearby who may turn out to be a charm.
  • Keep it light and fun. Don't put pressure on yourself to meet someone, it'll show. Remember, most people meet "the one" when they least expect it. And if you do find someone you're interested in, you'll have plenty of time to get serious this winter when you're curled up by the fire.
  • Dive into your oasis. Do what you love. You're most attractive when you're being yourself and having fun.