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Are You a Dog or Cat Person?

Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey, we now have an idea about's pets of choice. Here are the results of the survey, and if you're interested in finding out about the dating and lifestyle habits in each wildlife loving category, keep reading below.

Click on your date's favorite pet below to find out more.'s Favorite Pets 

Women Men
Big Dog  29% 42%
Little Dog  19% 16%
Cat  41% 31%
Bird  1% 2%
Horse  5% 2%
Hamster  0% 0.2%
Reptile  0.3% 2%
Fish  2% 1%
Plant  2% 2%
Can't Keep 
Anything Alive
0.7% 2.8%


If you're dating a big dog person, you're likely to find yourself with someone who is very fun-loving and who will prove to be an ever-faithful friend and lover. Big dog people tend to be very sociable and make friends easily. They may appear to be people pleasers, but the reality is that they just honestly love everyone. Be prepared to be around a lot of people, but don't worry, the big dog person will always put you first, making you feel special and showering you with love and affection. Kindness and fairness are very important to big dog people, and what's on the inside matters much more to them than what's on the outside—they'll pick a good sense of humor over a nose job any day! Sometimes big dog people need to be reassured that you are there for them, so it's important to keep good communication going. They may not be so skilled at expressing themselves on a deeper level, but they will definitely open up about feelings and emotions if you give them a nudge. Big dog people may be messy or clutzy, but strangely enough, it always comes across as charming. In fact, charm is one of their strongest qualities. Big dog people are spontaneous and don't like to make plans—but, once they are doing something, they give it their all. Big dog people generally prefer to be outside than inside, and they like to play team sports. Of all the wildlife lovers, big dog people tend to be the most traditional in their societal roles.


If you're dating someone who loves little dogs, you're likely to find yourself with someone who really has their life together. These people are often exactly where they want to be along their life-path and, therefore, are generally very cool, calm, and collected. Sometimes they may appear serious or fussy, but like big dog people, they also have quite a bit of charm. The difference is that, unlike big dog people, little dog people are very aware of themselves and can use their charm to their advantage. Little dog people tend to be realists and usually are very open and honest with their feelings, speaking their mind in any situation. Little dog people are extremely loyal as long as you're on their good side--this usually involves openness and honesty in return for theirs. If you try to hide something from them, forget about it—you will lose their trust and the relationship will be over. The positive side of this is that, if you listen closely to what they are saying, you will always know where you stand and won't have to play any games. Little dog people are generally very thoughtful and intelligent. They are curious about others and love to help their friends out whenever possible. They are good hosts, love to cook and take pride in their homes, which are usually very neat and tidy. Little dog people tend to be creatures of habit and seem inflexible in the face of change. On the other hand, they still are extremely adventurous--they're the first to travel to new, exotic and interesting places, as long as the trip is well planned and includes activities where they can learn something or see a bit of history.


If you're dating someone who loves cats, you're likely to find yourself with someone who is very independent, highly thoughtful and exceptionally self-aware. Cat people usually prefer to have a few very close friends than to be in a big group. In romantic relationships, they tend to do best with people who are equally independent, but who are able to come together for the necessary snuggle—remember, just because they are independent doesn't mean that they are loners. Although cat people may seem mysterious or aloof, it's important to realize that this is usually a façade, and actually, they are very warm, loving and giving with the people who are a part of their lives and who they trust and respect. And if you want to understand them better, all you have to do is ask. Cat people tend to be very picky about their surroundings and like to live in a bright environment. They also like to be outdoors and are curious to know everything that is going on around them, especially when it comes to people. Sometimes they can be quite nosey and gossipy. Cat people are often cautious with their actions, choosing safety first and refusing to dive blindly into anything. They are not resistant to change, and in fact, they are extremely courageous--but before they step into new territory, they think about and analyze the situation thoroughly. Cat people are born leaders and will usually find themselves taking charge in any group situation, including the family and relationships. They may need to put additional effort into listening to others, but fortunately for the group, they are very bright, fair and creative with their ideas. Communicate with and show loyalty to the cat person, and you will find yourself in a loving and nurturing relationship.


If you're dating someone who loves birds, you're likely to find yourself with someone who is extremely committed to their home and family life. Although they are regular busy-bodies during the day—going about their activities, work, socializing and playing as independent free spirits, it's of prime importance for them to have a comfortable, cozy nest to come home to and enjoy with their loved ones. Freedom is exceptionally important to them, but they can only enjoy it when they feel safe and comfortable with their home life, and that includes their relationship with YOU. If they find themselves in a relationship with someone that keeps them on-guard or who is not THE ONE, they may bolt from the relationship unexpectedly. On the other hand, once they do find someone who shares their sense of home and family values, they will be forever devoted to building a life together. Once this foundation is built, bird people do need to experience continuous change and excitement, often enjoying travel, new friends, and new activities with their significant other. If they are not stimulated by a variety of activities, they will feel bored and maybe even trapped. Bird people are often dreamers and can be very creative. These people tend to make very good parents and teachers.


If you're dating a horse lover, you're likely to find yourself with someone who is wholeheartedly passionate about love and life. These people are blessed with incredible sex appeal and are likely to make wonderful lovers. Horse people tend to be hardworking in all areas of their lives, including relationships, where they will dive in 100%. Expect to find yourself with someone who wants to put as much as possible into making the partnership thrive. Once they've found the right person, horse people are loyal, but they also need their freedom. If you crowd them, they may resent you, but if you give them space and trust their devotion, they will take you on the relationship ride of your life. Horse people like to be surrounded by beauty, and they themselves often tend to be very attractive. As esthetics are ever so important to them, they usually dress well and are very clean; they also expect the same from their romantic partner. Horse people are very tactile, and physical comfort is important to them. They tend to have slim, well-toned bodies and have a lot of energy to burn. If they do not find an outlet for this energy, they will be restless and discontent. Therefore, they are often very much into sports or are enthusiastically involved in a variety of activities that keep them busy around the clock.


If you're dating someone who loves hamsters, you're likely to find yourself with someone who is friendly, talkative, expressive, but who is also undeniably restless and who has a difficult time revealing true feelings. In fact, you might want to be a bit wary because hamster lovers may even have something to hide—either an alternative sexual habit or a child they're not telling you about (C'mon--how many adults do you know that have hamsters?). Or, they may be hiding the fact that they themselves have not yet grown up and can't get past the days of Habitrail fun. If they do suffer from the Peter Pan syndrome, hamster lovers may have a tough time with responsibility, although they usually tend to be well organized, detail oriented and fast workers when they do apply themselves. Play, leisure, friends, and hobbies are first in the life of the hamster lover, and if you're willing to be in a relationship that is fuzzy in the commitment and communication departments, you're sure to have plenty of fun and adventure with the hamster lover--they're always the life of the party.


If you're dating a reptile person, you're likely to find yourself with someone who possesses an enormous curiosity about life and an honest hunger for knowledge. It may take a bit to get reptile people going, but once something has caught their interest, they will investigate it from all angles and then probably dive right in with dynamic zeal. This goes for relationships too--you may have to do most of the initial work—flirting, planning and communicating—but once a reptile person is hooked, they will be right there with you to explore the relationship on all levels. Relationships with reptile people are often extremely interesting, thanks to the unique philosophies and ideas they bring to the table. Reptile lovers don't follow the herd; they like to do things their own way and establish their own morals and values. Because of this, they may be a bit stubborn. On the other hand, these people can be quite adaptable to new environments and situations, as long as they have the freedom to act as they please. Fear of losing control of a situation, often drives reptile people to be secretive or aggressive; therefore, it's best to communicate openly with them and gain their trust. Reptile people tend to get along best with people who have similar interests, and they like their surroundings to be neat, orderly and congruent. They often choose more intellectual than sporty endeavors, but when they do participate in physical activity, their athletic ability is often astounding.


If you're dating a fish person, you're likely to find yourself with someone who is very dedicated to home and family, just like the bird people. Fish people, however, do not like to be alone and thrive in a team environment or a large family. They do very well in social situations, applying their keen observational skills to understanding others and making everyone feel comfortable. Fish people do not adapt well to change and tend to be homebodies. They tend to be extremely good hosts and prefer to entertain than be entertained. They throw excellent parties where there is always stimulating conversation and delectable food. Given this, they can become territorial, and in a relationship, may be prone to jealousy. A fish person needs assurance that you appreciate them and will always be there for them. Fish people are very practical and efficient. It's early to bed early to rise for them, and when they're awake, they get a lot accomplished. They tend to be planners with lots of activities on their schedule, and once they have their schedule set, that's it. Don't expect a lot of spontaneity here, but you won't be bored either—they always have something going on. Fish people are generally well-groomed, neat, take very good care of their bodies, and expect the same from their significant other.


If you're dating a plant person, you're likely to find yourself with someone who is warm, cheerful, practical and nurturing. Plant people are good listeners and have a deep understanding of and connectedness to others. These people are also very good at taking care of themselves and maintaining balance in their lives. Plant people are usually very busy with work and a variety of other activities that often includes volunteer or charity work. Nevertheless, they always find balance and make time to tend to their family and homes, which usually have a cheerful, bright, charming appeal. They are usually very tuned into their significant other and make sure to find the time to nurture and keep the relationship healthy. Plant people tend to do well with setting boundries, and when enough is enough, they will say it. Their home and families usually have a sense of peace and harmony, and if there is a fire in the kitchen, they find the problem and deal with it immediately. Even though they are so perceptive of others, plant people may have some difficulty communicating their own emotions, but like big dog people, they are willing to put great effort into communicating if you give them a little nudge. Plant people thrive best in a bright environment, the outdoors and in a relationship with someone who has a sunny disposition like theirs.


If you're dating a person who can't keep anything alive, you're likely to find yourself with someone who still has a lot of "work" to do on themselves before getting to where they want to be in life. These people aren't hopeless, but this should be a relationship warning sign. People who can't keep anything alive are often unable to admit that they have personal growth issues and tend to be rather self-centered. They are difficult to get close to, shun responsibility and, generally, are probably not in a place where they can even begin to think about giving you what you need in a relationship. Although people who can't keep anything alive are ego-centric, they often do not take proper care of themselves, self-obsessing without action and neglecting their physical health. These people need to find the hope and courage to move forward, and it may be best to remain "just friends" with them until they are ready to grow. On the up side, people who can't keep anything alive are perfect candidates for one night stands.

Note: People who can't keep anything alive should not be confused with people who choose not to have pets or plants. These people are very much like plant people, except that they tend not be as nurturing and may not be as cheerful.

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