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Catch Spring Fever

Yes, it's that time of the year again--SPRING FEVER has sprung and love is in the air! There's plenty to go around for everyone, so be sure to kick-off the season in style.

Here are a few fun things you can do to shake up your life and get a good jump-start. Try them out and you're bound to open a lot of new doors...and maybe even find the spring fever cure you're looking for.

  • Do something you've never done before. Test drive a Ferrari, wear a wig, go parachuting, eat snails, learn a new language, take the bus to work, plant tomatoes... It doesn't have to be anything too tough, just make it unique and fun. The world will take on a whole new perspective.
  • Spice up your look. Get a new haircut, new eye shadow, or a nose ring...reshape your goatee, paint your toenails blue, wear a cowboy don't have to change everything, just add a new touch.
  • Get away. New surroundings are a great way to clear your head and gather inspiration, so why not take a weekend trip? If you do a bit of research, you're sure to find some great bargains on the web, and if you can't afford to fly to your favorite spot, take a drive and find a campground, cheap motel or stay with some friends. Or even take a day-trip to your favorite nearby town, city or nature getaway.
  • Get sporty. Now's the prime time to get that booty movin'! If you joined a gym for New Year's, start using it. If you like to shoot hoops, find a local game. It doesn't matter which field, court, lane or mountain suits your fancy, just pick the activity and get out there! If you're not into any specific sport or organized workout, use your imagination--there are plenty of things you can do that'll get your blood pumping: take a walk, a hike, go shopping, play ding-dong-door-ditch on the cutie down the street, offer to take a friend's dog for a walk... the list is endless and so are the benefits!
  • Get a mantra. Take time out everyday just for you. Learn to meditate, gaze at the stars, watch a re-run of I Love Lucy, read the comics--even if it's only for a few minutes, it'll clear your mind and give you a moment of peace.
  • Make someone's day. Do something nice for a friend or stranger—call someone you haven't talked to in a while, call your mom, be nice to a telemarketer, give up your seat on the bus, send a goofy card to someone you meet doesn't take much and the rewards will be fantastic.
  • Try a new dish. Cook something that you've never made before and invite some friends over to share. Call it a potluck, and have everyone bring a delicious dish and a new single friend (who could also turn out to be a delicious dish).
  • Throw a party. Invite everyone you have your eye on.
  • Plan a night out with your friends. Pick a divine restaurant, a jumpin' nite-spot, and a greasy after-hours eatery, then call up all your favorite friends and have a wild night out on the town. Be sure to stay out as late as possible and treat yourself to a cab home.
  • Talk to strangers. Meet one new person every week...strike up small-talk in line at the market, email someone new at the site, find out the name of the guy or girl at Starbucks who serves you coffee every morning... you don't have to make a dozen new best friends, just add a few smiling faces to your circle.
  • Watch a movie you've never seen. If you like thrillers, watch a comedy. If you like action, watch a good documentary. Ask anyone who works at your local video store and you're sure to get a good recommendation. Or you could ask that hottie you're working up the nerve to talk to.
  • Step up your online flirting. Keep up with the new people on the site and try to email a few members in your area every week (3 is a good number). When you're emailing, try something different: take the lead if you usually don't, ask questions, pick up the phone, make an extra effort to actually meet in person... you'll be surprised where it takes you.
  • Learn something new. Sign up for that class you've always wanted to take...basket weaving, yoga, rocket science anyone? Your local JC, university extension, or even the yellow pages are great places to start.
  • Buy something absolutely fab and really right-now to wear. It doesn't have to be an entire outfit or something outrageously expensive. Just pick one new thing that makes you feel GREAT and is distinctively all about you this spring ...
  • Grab something new for your pad. Check the paper for your local flea market and pick up a bargain antique lamp, go to an online auction site and bid on that Star Wars poster for your bathroom, go to the supermarket and buy some daisies. It's the little things that'll brighten your day.
  • Be absolutely YOU. Be true to yourself and you'll always shine.

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