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First Comes 100hookup, Then Comes Marriage: Maya and Loren’s Story

by Sara under 100hookup,Relationships,Success Stories,Weddings

As I mentioned previously, one of the best parts of my job as Founder of is hearing all about how people meet.  This next story is by far the best 100hookup success story that I’ve heard.

Artist Maya Escobar was a senior at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, when she attended a performance art class in which she discussed how differently she was perceived by Latino men, as compared to hookup men. hookup men thought she was exotic and labeled her a Latin sex symbol, while Latino men would be impressed with her accomplishments and goals.  Her professor suggested that as part of her studies, Maya set up profiles on a Latin dating site and a hookup dating site, and document the process.

Maya joined 100hookup as part of a performance art piece, but that only lasted until she received an email from a guy named Loren. Loren had his profile up on 100hookup for two years, but didn’t pay for an active membership until he saw Maya’s profile.  Ironically, Maya had seen Loren’s profile a year before when she was just perusing the site, and thought to herself that if she were to meet someone on 100hookup, he’s the guy she’d want to meet.  Maya was attracted to Loren on many levels – he’s a musician and an artist like herself and it turned out that Loren had been head of UIC’s Hillel, where Maya’s brother went to school. The couple went on to graduate school together at Washington University in St. Louis, where Maya got her MFA and Loren is getting his law degree.

Photo Credit: Marv Chait

Loren and Maya, Photo Credit: Marv Chait

Yes, Maya broke the code of her project, but in a sense she didn’t.  Maya’s soul mate turned out to be the one guy who didn’t treat her in a stereotypical manner.  

Maya and Loren recently wed in a ceremony that incorporated both the hookup traditions and the Guatemalan traditions of Maya’s heritage.  You can read more about Maya and Loren’s wedding story at

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