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Ellen & Matthew

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Dear 100hookup,

Matthew contacted me back in October 2003 and at first I didn't really think anything of him because he was younger and didn’t fit what I was looking for. I wasn't even going to respond to his emails, but I figured I had nothing to loose and he was being very persistent. He kept emailing me, asking if we could talk. So I finally gave in and we began spending hours on the phone with each other. Matthew was really excited about meeting me because I looked like Bette Midler and he had always thought she was beautiful (I thought that was sort of odd, but I took it for what it was). We then tried to figure out a time when we could meet, but we kept missing each other due to conflicting schedules. It took 4 months before we finally met in person.

Four months went by rather quickly and we finally got together on February 3, 2004. We had a great tome on our first date (although Matthew got lost on his way to my place) and we found that we had a lot in common and we both really liked Dave and Buster’s. Eleven days later, we spent our first Valentine's Day together and he cooked me a very romantic meal. Matthew is a professional chef and I thought it was great that I found a man that loves to cook. Things began to progress from there and the next thing I realize is that we were in a serious relationship!

I was happy with the way that everything was going and Matthew began pushing for us to get married. On Mother's Day weekend 2006, I realized that our lives had become so intertwined that it was inevitable that we would be married.

So here’s how I proposed…

We were driving in his new car on the Saturday before Mother's Day to have dinner with my sister and parents and I looked over at him and said "I guess I'll marry you." He thought I was kidding. So then I assured him that I was totally serious, "we might as well get married, I just co-signed your car loan and we don't seem to be ending anytime soon, so we might as well just make it official already." He asked me when we were going to tell my parents so I told him that we would do it at dinner, just before they were going to put food into their mouths. So that’s exactly what we did and the rest is history…

On March 25, 2007 in front of 175 of our friends and family we were married.

It was a 3-year journey till we got married and now we have the rest of our lives ahead of us. Thanks to 100hookup, a girl from South Jersey met a boy four years her junior from Brooklyn, NY.

Tips for other 100hookup members:

Expand what you think you are looking for in a person and maybe if someone is persistent enough you might just want to answer his or her email. You never know, they just might be the one for you!

Ellen and Matthew
Pine Hill, New Jersey

Found love on 100hookup?