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Found love on 100hookup?

Randi & Richard

Randi & Richard

Dear 100hookup,

This is a story with a beginning...a middle...and a beginning...

Once upon a time there was this woman who called herself Goldilox, who was searching high and low for her soul mate. Throughout her search she would meet all different types of men.

She met the Big Bad Wolf type. He would huff and he would puff and he would bore her to sleep. He was more like the "big bad bully" and wasn't the right kind of guy for her to keep.

She also met the Lord Farquaad (from Shrek) type. Farquaad would stand around and only talk about himself, never taking the time to learn about Goldilox. He was narcissistic, mean, hurtful and sinister. Again, he was not the right type of guy for her.

In addition, she met the Pinocchio type. He would tell her lie after lie. He could not be trusted. He was charming and persuasive but not genuine. Again no match for Goldilox!

Goldilox became despondent. She would tell her family and friends she had enough of her search...she was ready to give up! She began to believe that there was no one out there for her. She thought she was destined to be an Old Maid. All she could think of was that she wanted to meet someone that was better than the “average bear.” Her family and friends all kept telling her to keep searching, be patient, "you never know" when or where you will meet the one who is "just right."

At the same time, there was this guy out there, UNEVERNO214, who was similarly frustrated with his dating experiences. No matter how hard he looked he could not find a woman who was “just right” for him. He had been set up by friends and family with different women, only to be disappointed after each one. He had even searched for a soul mate on the internet previously, but to no avail. He met many women, some were too hot, some were too cold but he had yet to find one who was “just right” for him.

Goldilox had run out of ideas and places to meet new kinds of people until she thought of giving the internet a try. She pondered on which website to use. "Hmmm" she thought to herself. "Let me look for a nice hookup boy just like my mother met 50 years ago." She had decided that 100hookup was the site for her to try.

After replying to a myriad of emails from different prospects, Goldilox became disillusioned once again. She was about to give up until one Wednesday afternoon when she received an email from this site, as she had so many times before, telling her of some people that could be her "match." She was extremely reluctant to even look at this email because she had seen so many of those faces online before that it was like she knew them all. Goldilox decided to make this the last email she ever read from this or any other website. She was convinced that she would be done with the dating world and all the disappointments. But…when she opened it she noticed that this particular email was different. There he was UNEVERNO214... right before her eyes...she said to herself..."this has to be a sign!” So Goldilox took the initiative and emailed him, instead of waiting to reply to an email (something she hadn't done before.)

Well, UNEVERNO214 was away on business when he received Goldilox’ email, but was eager to respond to her. They emailed back and forth for several days. Then finally, they spoke. This was not just any ordinary conversation...they talked for 5 hours that first night. They both could not stop thinking about each other; they had so much in common. The very next night they spoke again, but this time for over 7 hours straight. They decided it was a good idea for them to meet. But where would they go? Since this seemed like something other than their previous dating experiences, Goldilox suggested a psychic fair. They agreed to meet there on that Sunday afternoon. As soon as their eyes met, there was a mutual immediate attraction. At the fair they arranged for separate private readings and the psychic told them that they were each other's destiny. After the fair, they went to have drinks that turned into dinner. The first date lasted over 8 hours! There were so many signs that Goldilox and UNEVERNO214 had met their match that they both took every opportunity to explore this new adventure they had embarked on.

They met each other's families 2 weeks later on Thanksgiving...hmmmm...what more could they be thankful for? The families shared in the excitement of their relationship.

Three months later, on Friday, March 10, 2006 he proposed over dinner at The New Yorker Restaurant (which is now “their special place”):


1-month 100hookup subscription.................................................................................. $28.95
Two psychic readings............................................................................................ $50.00
Dinner for two at Cheesecake Factory............................................................... $75.00
Meeting the person to spend the rest of your life with............................ PRICELESS

Will you marry me?

She of course said YES!

And we all know they will live happily ever after because it is no fairy tale -- they are each others beshert!

So as we go on… this is not the end of the is just…

The Beginning!

Randi & Richard
New Rochelle, New York

Found love on 100hookup?
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