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Found love on 100hookup?

Judy & Harold

Judy & Harold

Dear 100hookup,

My username was Midwestbreeze and my soon-to-be husband’s was Properguy75DA. We were both widowed and looking to meet new friends and re-start our lives. My sister recommended that I join 100hookup and Harold’s friends purchased him a 100hookup gift subscription. It was great finding each other because we lived only twenty minutes away from one another and we knew people in common. We are so happy and delighted with how we met!

We were married September 5, 2007.

Thank you again 100hookup!

Tips for other 100hookup members:

It’s okay to put yourself out there and take a chance. Just remember it’s a journey and a process. 100hookup is a wonderful tool to meet like-minded singles. Take a chance, you never know who you’ll meet!

Judy & Harold
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Found love on 100hookup?
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