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Dating Face-Off: The Chicago Version

Chicago’s vibrant fall delivers nothing short of a magical experience. From trees splashed in bold oranges and reds to the abundant sunshine and fresh crisp air found on the shores of Lake Michigan, one can’t help but feel alive during Chicago’s amazing autumn months.  And if you’re one of the lucky singles currently living in The Windy City, then you can be sure your love life is bound to come alive as well! There’s a reason Chicago is also called the “Heart of America.”

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Dating Face-Off: The Houston Version
Dating Face-Off: The Houston Version

I’m not arguing that Houston is the best city. I’m arguing that Houston is the best city to get a girl to like you. I am the best example of this. I finally got a girl to like me for a prolonged period of time, and if it’s not because of me, then it’s definitely the city.

Dating Face-Off: The San Diego Version Dating Face-Off: The San Diego Version

Ahhhhh San Diego! Known as “America’s Finest City,” it’s also the best place to be single and hookup in the country all year round. With plenty of opportunities to play and party, you can find something different to do on every date. And finding a date? There’s no better place than the city Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy calls “the whale’s vagina” because San Diego has plenty of hookup fish in the Pacific Ocean. Add to that the burgeoning medical and technology field, and you have so many transplants that you can find someone from anywhere in the world, even a Raiders fan. And when you mix in the perfect climate, you have a 100hookup match made in 72-degrees-and-clear-skies heaven.

Dating Face-Off: The Washington, DC Version Dating Face-Off: The Washington, DC Version

As the weather quickly changes from sweltering hot to a little bit chilly and the leaves on the trees in Dupont Circle start to turn various shades of orange and red, we know fall has arrived in our wonderful city. That means it’s time to make sure we have a stash of fun and romantic date ideas that take advantage of all DC has to offer. To show you why dating in the nation’s capital is a monumentally good time, I’ll break down my favorite date ideas into four categories that showcase all DC has to offer!

Dating Face-Off: The Los Angeles Version Dating Face-Off: The Los Angeles Version

There’s a reason everyone’s California dreaming. From the beaches of Malibu to the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles’ diverse geography makes for some seriously romantic date locales. Even more diverse than the geography, however, is the dating pool itself! From actors and TV writers to real estate execs and the finance crowd, this city is full of good-looking, successful singles. Surprisingly though, it’s the diversity of the actual date ideas themselves that make LA one of the best cities in the world for dating. To prove my point, here are five amazing date ideas that can only be pulled off in “La La Land!”

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