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100hookup Photo Shoot 2009

What happens when you put a group of attractive and single 100hookup members together in a room with a half dozen 100hookup success story couples of all ages? 100hookup Photo Shoot 2009, of course!

Two weeks ago, the 100hookup marketing team organized a professional photo shoot at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles where 100hookup success stories as well as current members were invited to receive the fashion plate treatment and pose to be the next “faces of 100hookup.” The photos, to be used in marketing campaigns both onsite and off, were to capture real moments in relationships and the authenticity of the 100hookup experience.
Once the ice was broken (which took all of about 5 minutes), it was time to hustle our models into hair and makeup, wardrobe, and lastly, in front of the flashing lights of the camera. Our models blew our expectations out of the water and posed as naturally as if they had been born to smile and strut their stuff.

In between shooting, singles mingled (a few even exchanged numbers!) over delicious food and success story couples traded anecdotes of how 100hookup has changed their lives.

Here are just a few of the beautiful photographs that resulted from the shoot:

Lorraine & Marv met as childhood friends and reunited several decades later via 100hookup!


Haleh & Itai are getting married in October! Mazel tov to the happy couple!


Paula & Jeff, our youngest participating success story couple, took stunning photos.


Abby & Dan brought their JBaby, Jadon, with them to the shoot. Jadon stole the show!


Joey, skilled in professional dance, demonstrated how to correctly dip your partner using his fiancé, Fernanda. Thanks, Joey!


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What’s better than meeting your soul mate on 100hookup? Being part of a national ad campaign for the site that brought you two together! Check out the beautiful faces of real 100hookup Success Story couples (although they look like professional models!) appearing now in our national television commercial campaign: Our Story Began on 100hookup. Mazel tov 100hookup Alumni – you guys are famous!

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