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Three Ways To Get Him To Stop Texting And Start Calling

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Once upon a time, men actually dialed phone numbers and made phone calls. Women eagerly waited for a ring, anticipating the sound of his voice. Now, we have words across a screen. Now, women have to read and denote tone. Why did he write, “LOL”? Did I say something funny? If that was a joke, why didn’t he use a smiley face emoticon? After engaging in marathon text conversations (or ones that stop mid-way), we just want men to pick up the phone!

Unfortunately, this is the “culture” we are living in. It’s all technology, all the time. So, how does one change this trend and get men to stop texting and start calling? By following these simple steps:

  • Refrain from Texting Him Back

Actions always speak louder than words, so why not show him that you want him to call by calling him? If he texts you, don’t text back. Call instead. No matter what he says in the message, keep your fingers away from the keypad. If he continues to text, don’t reply. He’ll call you eventually if he wants to communicate and deepen the connection.

  • Tell Him You Dislike Texting

Being honest is often the best strategy. Instead of playing games, tell him you dislike texting. Sometimes men will be happy to oblige. Other times they will continue to text. If the former is the case, then stop replying. Why do you want to waste your time with a man who doesn’t meet your needs? Bottom line, if he is interested he will want to make you happy, even if your needs seem frivolous.

  • A Little Manipulation

What do you do if you don’t reply to his texts, but he insists on texting? Play a little game. You can call him and tell him you’re using a company phone that doesn’t accept texts. You can use excuses that men have used for years: my personal phone is having trouble, I don’t have service, or my phone died. You can also just detach. If you reply to his texts curtly, he will wonder what’s wrong. If he cares, he will pick up the phone.

No matter what you do in this situation, make sure to demand change. Also, be more understanding about the nature of texting. Sometimes it is just easier. Sometimes a good morning text is much sweeter than a conversation pre-shower. Ultimately it is truly about balance. It is about giving a little, taking a little and finding compromise.

Still, the moral of this story is quite clear. Once upon a time, men used to call and we can bring back that ritual. So, nip the problem in the bud and say, “Pick up the phone!” It’s either that, or be courted via LOL’s and smiley face emoticons.

Sujeiry Gonzalez is a funny and vibrant relationship (non)expert that tells it like it is – with just add a little more sass, a lot more Bacardi and ton of laughs. This sassy single gal has been rocking the relationship market since early 2006, and her latest coup is the launch of Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles – a poignant and witty collection of personal essays, in which she chronicles her relationship stumbles.
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  • Man who hates over texting says:

    Once upon a time, women used to call too. Most of today’s women don’t dislike texting either, but nice try.

    Recommending playing manipulative, dishonest games like the dbags you obviously tend to date is great advice. Nothing like avoiding the issue. Makes for a great, long-lived relationship!

  • John says:

    Duh – don’t text him back!

    This takes a whole article to answer? Women ….

  • donna marberger says:

    loved your open and honest take on texting!
    the point is if they throw us the crumbs of communication-and we eat it up like starving dogs-then that’s all we get….and we actually train them that that’s all we want!!!
    the point is if we want more-then we must demand it-though stay true to it-and NOT flip-flop, and be desperate when they might throw us a crumb or even a bone!
    whole body (telephone call) commitment will allow the relationship to flourish and deepen.

    very important to remember that texting is also easy and sweet-and allow the ease of a relationship to take flower-though after there’s more calls and connection.
    thanks for the reminders…

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