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I was looking at members who "had viewed me." All of a sudden, I saw a familiar face. It was the beautiful face of Jared Isaacs, who I went to college with over ten years ago! He hadn't emailed me though, so I sent him an email, and all it said was, "Is this Jared? I wouldn't forget that mug anywhere!"

It turns out Jared's sister encouraged him to join 100hookup since he had been living in California for ten years and was new again to Florida.

The rest is history! We had our first date in August 2005 and were engaged by February 2006. Had it not been for 100hookup, we probably never would have run into each other and wouldn't have found our soul mates.

A sincere thank you to 100hookup.

Tip to other 100hookuprs: Stick with it! Your soul mate is out there. You might find someone on there you already know.

Stacey and Jared
Hallandale Beach, Florida