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Found love on 100hookup?

Laura Beth & Danny

Laura Beth & Danny

Dear 100hookup,

Our story is simple. We met, dated, broke up and fell in love, which leads us to the happy ending -- we were married on May 25, 2006.

We were both divorced. Knowing more now than we did then, we filtered through the prospects very closely. Both serial daters on 100hookup, we finally met our match. We both were extremely full of ourselves, knowing we were each quite a catch. I broke all the rules on the first date. I don't recommend this; this is just how our story goes. I let him pick me up at my apartment. I ate too little, and he filled me full of wine, and we kissed. So, needless to say, I liked this 100hookup and thought it was going well. I cancelled some upcoming new dates and decided to give this guy a try.

After seven months, we decided it was best to part ways as things weren't progressing the way we'd have liked. Five months later, we gave it another shot. This time it was all or nothing.

I revel in telling people we met on 100hookup. A website, cyber space, the unknown -- it worked for us.

We are more in love than two people are allowed to be. I speak for us both by saying thank you, 100hookup, for bringing us together.

Laura Beth & Danny
Atlanta, Georgia

Found love on 100hookup?
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