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Found love on 100hookup?

Joanne & Jamie

Joanne & Jamie

Dear 100hookup,

After finding each other’s profiles on 100hookup, we communicated by Instant Messenger for three months. We liked each other when we eventually met, but there were no specific expectations and we found that we were quite different from each other. Nevertheless, the first date went well enough to have two or three more over the following months, and slowly we became romantically involved.

It’s been two years since we met and we are still learning both about and from each other. We look forward to deepening our knowledge of each other for years to come. Jamie proposed last month, and we will be married within the year.

Joanne & Jamie

Tips for other 100hookuprs:

Our advice to prospective 100hookuprs is to be honest in your profile and not to take profiles too seriously. Rely on meeting somebody face to face, and take things as they come. It takes time to get to know somebody, and for a relationship to develop.

Thanks 100hookup,

Joanne & Jamie
Glasgow, Scotland

Found love on 100hookup?
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