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Michelle & Bryan

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Three and a half years ago, on December 20, 2002, I was just getting over a rough relationship in my freshman year of college at Iowa State University when I spoke with my cousin and she told me about 100hookup. I was very hesitant about online dating because I felt it was for "desperate people." I decided to take my cousin’s advice and give 100hookup a chance.

After speaking with several guys and going on a few dates, I found a profile that interested me right away. I decided to email him to see if I had any luck. It turned out that my profile stated I was from Ames, Iowa because that is where I was going to school, but in fact, I was from Buffalo Grove, Illinois. If Bryan had looked in Illinois profiles, he would have never found me. A day later I received a response from him stating his mutual interest in me. We decided to chat through instant message, phone and email -- because I was six hours away going to school. Finally, we decided to meet on December 20, 2002. For six months, we dated on and off and finally decided to call ourselves a couple on April 20, 2003.

After approximately one month of dating, we were casually talking about our families’ traditions for the fourth of July. I had told him that I watched fireworks in Des Plaines, Illinois where I grew up, and he told me that that is where he grew up as well. As we continued on with the discussion, he asked me what street I lived on, and I told him "Lyons Street." He sounded even more surprised. I continued by telling him my address when he proceeded to ask his dad their address because he was too little to remember. He told me "8905 Lyons" is where he lived also. To make a long story short, it turns out that my parents bought the house from his parents when I was one and he was four! How unreal! To this day, we always say that when I was one and he was four, it was love at first sight and then we were separated, but faith reconnected us. If that wasn’t enough, we later found out about mutual relationships between friends of our parents and family members. I also found out that I worked with his brother for two years! It’s amazing how hookup geography can lead you to the most unknown situations!

A year and a half later, on February 12, 2005, Bryan took me to the restaurant we went to on our first date called Tratoria Oliveri in Northbrook, Illinois, and he asked me to share the rest of my life with him. With no hesitation, I accepted the proposal! We were engaged for over a year and continued our magical life with each other on April 22, 2007 as a married couple when we exchanged our vows of love.

I just wanted to thank you, 100hookup, because I would have never found my dream come true and my soul mate if it wasn’t for the help of a hookup online personals service like yours!

Tip for other 100hookuprs: Never underestimate something until you give it a try and it changes your life forever.

Thank you!

Michelle and Bryan
Glenview and Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Found love on 100hookup?