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Ami & Andy

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How we met:
Ami decided to send a tease to Andy. The tease she chose was: ‘I am intrigued; you can email me.’ Andy did not realize it was a tease and almost sent back a response that wasn’t very nice. But at the last second, he realized it was a tease and decided to play it cool and give Ami a chance.

They ended up exchanging real emails and then phone numbers. They talked for over eight hours over the following four days before they met. The Saturday before their first date, Andy decided to call Ami to chat. The conversation ended up lasting over an hour, and Ami soon realized that she had to get off the phone because she had a coffee date with another guy from 100hookup that afternoon. She told Andy that she had to go because she was meeting a friend for coffee at 3:00. Andy said, “Oh, that is very funny. I am meeting a friend to help her with her resume at 3:45.” Andy was lying. He was meeting another girl from 100hookup, too!

So, Ami was on her date, and she looked up as the door opened and Andy (who she recognized from his picture) came walking in. Andy looked right at Ami and turned around and left the restaurant and never came back! Ami quickly left her date and went home and emailed Andy saying that she thought she saw him walk into the coffee shop. It turns out that Andy had seen Ami and was so nervous that he waited outside for his date and told her that there was no room in the coffee shop; they went down the street instead. Andy was very excited to get Ami’s email when he got home. When they actually did meet both realized it was the start of something very special!

Engagement story:
Ami’s parents were in town over Valentine’s weekend for business. We were all out for dinner, and I got my brother-in-law to call Ami on her cell phone to get her away from her parents. So I asked her dad’s permission. That night, I decided to call her grandparents because Ami is their only granddaughter, and I thought it would mean a lot if I asked for their permission as well.

The only slight problem was that they got confused and thought Ami and I were actually engaged already. So the next day, Ami got all these voice mails and emails congratulating us on our “engagement.” So Ami called me and asked why her family thought we were engaged. So I had to tell her that I had asked her father and grandfather for their permission. So Ami was kind of expecting this. However, her parents were coming back to D.C. for business on March 17th. So I asked her parents to tell Ami that they would not be back in D.C. until March 18th. So on the 17th, I brought her take-out from the restaurant that we went to on our first date, as well as two-dozen roses. I put the ring box in the flowers so she could not see it. Then when she went to put the flowers in water, she saw the box. I then took her to my parents’ house where her parents opened the door and surprised her!

We are living proof that true and everlasting love not only exits but is entirely possible to be discovered via 100hookup.

Andy and Ami
Washington DC (Although Ami is from Portland)

Found love on 100hookup?