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Alexis & Ricky

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By Alexis and Ricky’s friend Lisa:

He's a young handsome plastic surgeon in Chicago. She's a beautiful dental hygienist from Las Vegas, and thanks to 100hookup, it's a marriage made online.

“It was important to me to meet a hookup girl,” says Ricky. “I searched the 100hookup website and saw the most incredible smile I had ever seen. I clicked on her profile, and a year later, here we are.”

Alexis and Ricky were engaged almost a year after they met, when he surprised her with a beautiful ring.

The wedding date is set for next spring, and Alexis is packing her bags and moving to Chicago so she and Ricky can start their lives together.

By Ricky:

So, here’s how it all happened. I participated on 100hookup, off and on, for about a year. One night, on-call at the hospital, I was checking my email, and a friend of mine noticed I had received an email from a girl on 100hookup. He said he had been thinking of joining and asked if we could get online and look at some profiles. So, like two normal guys, we started looking for hot hookup girls in Australia, Paris, Brazil... you get the picture.

We were just messing around, but none-the-less, we figured Vegas would be a great place to look for cute girls, so we checked out their profiles. As we were scrolling through pictures, one caught my eye: Alexis’s. I viewed her profile briefly to check out the pictures. She was so stunningly beautiful to me, but I really didn’t think anything of it since she lived so far away. I did notice she was willing to relocate, so I figured I would read her profile later. That night, I was checking my email and noticed Alexis had emailed me. We emailed back and forth for about a week, and then, one Saturday morning, we were both online. We ended up instant messaging for about an hour. She had a great sense of humor and seemed very witty so I asked her if I could call her sometime. She gave me her number, and I gave here a call about three days later. Why did I wait three days? Well, we all saw the movie “Swingers,” right? I don’t know what it was, but the second I heard her voice, I knew I was going to love this girl. What seemed like five minutes had turned into a four-hour conversation. We laughed all night, and I knew that I had to meet this girl.

After about three weeks of chit chat, I finally made plans to meet her in Vegas. As soon as we met, I kid you not, I knew it was over, or just beginning. And now, one year later, we’re engaged.

So, there's an interesting twist to the story.

I went to medical school in Chicago and lived with a good buddy who was also in medical school with me. Why am I telling you this? Well, a year ago, in the midst of our newfound 100hookup love affair, before we had met in person, my buddy from medical school, who had moved to Los Angeles, called me. I was just hanging out with some friends in a bar watching basketball. We were catching up, and I asked him how things on 100hookup were going for him. I had gotten him to join a few months earlier. I was telling him that I met a really cute and cool girl from Las Vegas and that I had been talking to her on the phone for a while and that she was a dental hygienist, etc. He paused, forever it seemed, and asked me, "Is her name Alexis?" I couldn't believe it! We were talking to the same girl from opposite sides of the country. We laughed because we always had the same taste in girls. He had contacted her once before, and they had spoken briefly. Needless to say, she and I had already been talking on the phone for about two weeks at that point and had plans to meet. So, like a good boy, he surrendered. As they say, the rest is history.

I couldn't thank 100hookup enough for bringing Alexis to me. I love her more every minute that we spend together, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her. She is truly a very special person with a heart of gold, and none of this would have been possible without 100hookup. With just a quick click of the mouse, you made two simple lives collide, and we couldn't thank you enough.

Alexis and Ricky
Las Vegas, Nevada and Chicago, Illinois

Found love on 100hookup?