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Dina & Gavin

Dina & Gavin

Dear 100hookup,

I am writing to tell you about another wonderful happy ending!

My husband Gavin and I met in August 2003. We were both at points in our lives where we wanted to meet that special someone but were having trouble finding the "one." I had been on 100hookup off and on for several years, and he had tried other internet personals services, but to no avail.

Since Gavin is a teacher, he was off for summer vacation and had time to spend chatting on 100hookup. For me, work was rather slow, so I logged on one morning and almost immediately received a message from Gav. Moments later, things got hectic at work, and I just gave Gavin my phone number and asked if we could talk later. After our first (and very brief) conversation on the phone, we decided to meet at Indigo for coffee. Coffee plans changed to dinner as neither of us had had time to eat dinner. We had a wonderful Thai meal and went for dessert after. The conversation was never dull, and we both left off knowing that it was not the typical one-time date.

Things just progressed from there and before we knew it we were in love.

Almost exactly one year to the day after we met, Gavin proposed to me under the stars with the most exquisite ring I have ever seen. We were married on December 19, 2004 and enjoyed the most romantic honeymoon in Venezuela.

Every day with Gavin is so special, and thanks to 100hookup, I have everything I could have ever dreamed of.

Dina & Gavin
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Found love on 100hookup?
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