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Shelley & Marcus

By Marcus Gordon for Shelley Margulies September 11, 2003

Once upon a December night,
Glimmering smiles, holding on tight.
From an exchange of words not yet spoken,
My doubts and my fears were soon to be broken.
The promise of something special to be,
Our synergies flowed so naturally.

As time went on, and memories shared,
It became obvious, as if we were dared;
To pursue a future, always together,
Our lives intertwined, one soon forever.

For the forks in the road, there will be many,
At each point and turn our love will prove ready.
To embrace the journey of life with each other,
The good times and bad, every day will be brighter.

So when you finish reading this poem,
Look at me, and you soon will know...
I give you my love unconditionally.
Shelley, my love, will you marry me?