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Lorraine & Marv L.

Dear 100hookup,

Matchmaker Bennett's story: I guess you could call this a "third party" happy ending story. Lorraine contacted me through about a year ago. She read in my profile that I was from Iowa, her home state. We met for coffee and had a pleasant evening discussing the usual and also talked about the guys from Des Moines, her hometown, who were also my fraternity brothers at the University of Iowa. She asked about one in particular, named Marvin, who she heard lived in California. I had been to Marv's surprise 65th birthday party a few years ago so I had his phone number. I called her the next day with Marv's phone number, and to make a short story shorter, they were married on September 3, 2000. I was very pleased to be a part of this happy ending.

Lorraine and Marv L.
Sherman Oaks and Diamond Bar, California