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Vanessa & Keith

Dear 100hookup,

Hi there. You wrote to Keith asking him about his relationship, and, well, like any good husband, he passed it on to his wife to deal with!

Keith and I met in a chatroom somewhere around May 15th, 1998. I sent Keith a private message because, upon reading his profile, I thought he lived in Boca, Florida, and therefore, he was "safe" to talk to. I was in Jerusalem at the time. So, I wrote him something like: "Have you any plans to visit Israel in the near future?" To which he replied, "I am in my office overlooking the Mediterranean as I type this..." Whoops!! An e-mail friendship began immediately, and we found we had much to discuss and lots in common. A week later, we spoke on the phone for the first time, and on Thursday, May 28th, 1998, Keith drove up to Jerusalem to take me out on our first date. As far as I was concerned, it was love at first sight. I knew he was "the one" more or less immediately. It took Keith a little longer to figure that one out, but then again, guys are always slower on the uptake. To cut a long story short, in the fall of '98, we were both leaving Israel and moving to London for different reasons. There we continued our relationship. To celebrate our first year together, at my suggestion, we spent the weekend in Venice, Italy, where, exactly one year and one day after we first met (May 29, 1999), Keith proposed to me on a bridge overlooking the Grand Canal.

I said yes, and we got married on November 15th 1999. So far, we are still living happily ever after in London, UK. And there you have it - a successful story!


Vanessa and Keith B.
London, England