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Jodi & Jason

Dear 100hookup,

My husband and I wanted to tell you our story. To our friends, our story is unique, but being that we met through your web site, our story shares many characteristics with other couples from your site...

I made the first contact with Jason--I thought he sounded nice, and he was from Montreal, a place I had once lived. I didn't necessarily think that this would turn into a romantic thing—I simply thought that we could have a nice conversation.

He responded to my email and told me that he was out of town and would be returning the next day. He also gave me his number and said that it would be okay if I wanted to call him. The night he returned, I gave him a call. We only talked for a few minutes before we figured out that we lived across the street from each other. He could see my apartment from his.

Because we lived so close, he invited me over that night, and against my better judgment, I went. We talked for about three hours, and at around midnight, he walked me home. (I was still in graduate school and had a paper to finish for the next day.) When we arrived at my place, I invited him in. We drank tea and talked for an additional two hours. I finally kicked him out so that I could go to bed and finish my paper in the morning. (I actually got an A on it.) He called me the next day to say that he had had a really nice time, and we made plans to go out the following Sunday.

That Sunday, we went to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore (where we both live), and over lunch, he asked me how many children I wanted and how soon I would want to start having them because he was not ready to start immediately after he got married. After my initial shock, I told him that waiting would not be an issue and that he shouldn't worry.

After that, we began to see each other every day, and five months later, we were engaged. He proposed at Shabbat dinner, surrounded by friends and family. He incorporated the proposal into the D'var Torah, which he was asked to give that night. I was completely shocked and was not expecting it, but I was extremely excited. The hardest part was that, because it was Shabbat, we could not call our families to let them know the good news!

Six months after that, we were married. By our wedding day, which was January 14, 2001, we had known each other for 51 weeks.

We recommend your site to all our friends in the hope that they will find the same happiness that we have found in each other.

Thank you 100hookup!

Jodi and Jason
Baltimore, MD – USA