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Jessica & Steve

Dear 100hookup,

Despite being "dating traditionalists" at heart, Steve and I both ended up joining I had been a member for about a year and having a great time with it; I was meeting new people all the time. Many a boring day at work was spent emailing people I was meeting...not great for work productivity, but great for my social life! On August 9, 2001, Stephen sent me a an email introducing himself. It was short, sweet and most importantly, funny.

We exchanged emails for a few weeks and then took it to the next level -- phone calls. Our phone conversations would last for hours. They would soon be known as our marathon phone calls. It actually got to the point where I was worried that, if and when we ever did meet in person, we would be left with nothing to say.

It was after a vacation to the beach, where I brought my laptop with me hoping to stay on top of work but instead ended up emailing with Steve quite often, that I decided to finally go out on a date with him. His wit, charm and intelligence won me over.

On September 15, 2001, we went out on our first date in Baltimore. Fast forward to a few weeks ago...while vacationing in Barcelona, Spain, Stephen proposed. We are planning to get married in November, 2004.

A small note to the skeptics out there who think 100hookup is a strange way to meet people or is only for "losers"...give it a chance and don't be embarrassed about it. You probably have 10 friends who are using it too, but don't want to fess up about it. Good luck!

Jessica and Steve
Washington, D.C.