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Brigitte & Larry

Found love on 100hookup?


Just wanted to say thank you so very much for being the method by which I found my best friend and sweetie. Her name is Brigitte (Sportsgal20147). She is awesome, and we get along so well; it is uncanny that in such short a time we got to know each other so well.

So, please post this as a real testimonial that your service does work, and there is hope that people can find their special someone via the internet rather than hanging out in bars, etc.

Again, thank you for leading me to finding Brigitte, and I hope to keep you posted on what the future brings. We were married April 17, 2005.


Larry(LryMdl2FE71) and Brigitte (Sportsgal20147)
Gainesville, VA

Found love on 100hookup?