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Q. What is my Favorites list?

Your Favorites list keeps track of the members who catch your eye. You can add anyone to your list by clicking on the “Add to Favorites” icon or link when viewing a member’s profile. You can access your list at any time by viewing the “You’re Checking Out…” section under Hot Lists. Simply click on the “Favorited” tab and you’ll see your Favorites list.

You can also see which of your Favorites is currently online by clicking on the “Favorites” star icon or link in the top right of the top navigation menu. This is our Favorites Online feature and it will show you which of your Favorites is currently online so you can say Hi via IM.

Note: it's free to send a Flirt, but to send an email or Instant Message, you'll need to subscribe. As a Subscriber you'll have full access to all of the site's communication tools. It costs less than a night on the town, so it's well worth it.