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Q. What is the Favorites Online feature?

The Favorites Online feature is conveniently located at the top of each page so you can easily see when your Favorites are online and Instant Message them (look for the star icon and Favorites link on the right side of the top navigation bar). This feature shows you a count of your Favorites that are currently online and offers a shortcut to Instant Messenger.

When you view your list, you will first see all of your Favorites who are online, followed by those who are not online. When one of your Favorites is online the icon next to their username will display a green circle. If they are offline, their username will have a dash next to it.

If you would like to add or remove profiles from your Favorites Online feature, simply click on the “Edit Favorites” link. You can then remove or click on the link to “Add More Members” from Your Matches, Searches or Members Online.