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Keep that email goingTalking online is just like talking in real life, with the advantage that you can take things slower and don’t have to come up with the perfect line in two seconds. It’s the ideal way to let your personality shine without the pressure!

Ready to start chit-chatting away?

Here are some tips to get you started:
  • Stay positive and upbeat.
  • Listen more than you talk. Just like offline, listening is the key to a good conversation on the Net. Not only will you get good ideas for things to talk about, but you’ll also show that you’re truly interested. It is a conversation after all, and there is a real person sitting at the other end of the wires.
  • Be yourself. This is your chance to develop an honest rapport before ever going on that first date. Don’t create a persona that you can’t live up to in real life.
  • Keep emails relatively short and leave some topics open so you have something to talk about when you meet.
  • Don’t be shy with compliments -- they make people feel comfortable and make it easier for them to open up. Just remember to keep it simple and honest.
  • Try to respond within a reasonable amount of time to keep the momentum going -- the same day is ideal.
  • Ask questions -- it’s the easiest way to keep any conversation going. And the answers usually lead to common-ground discussion topics and that’s where you get to jump in. The possibilities are endless…
    • Ask about something in an email or in their profile -- something that piqued your interest or that you have in common.
    • Tell them about something coming up in your life that you’re excited about. Then ask about something they’re looking forward to.
    • Ask how their day was.
    • Ask what they’re doing next weekend.
    • Ask what they like to do in their free time.
    • Ask what makes them laugh.
    • Ask them to elaborate on something they do that you know nothing about.
    • Ask advice on something (everyone loves to give their opinion).
    • Ask about friends, family, hangout spots, where they’ve traveled, dreams… whatever you’re curious about.
  • Have fun! Remember, you’re just getting to know new people, not getting married. So let go of expectations to take the pressure off, and the next thing you know, you’ll be making new friends and finding dates left and right.