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Sabrina & David

Dear 100hookup,

Sabrina was on her second Internet date. She was enthusiastic and trusting. David was on his fifty-second. He was haggard and suspicious. Sabrina, an Occupational Therapist with an undergraduate degree in English, wasn't quite sure what David meant by "secular." David, an English teacher, didn't admit to Sabrina that he had no idea what an Occupational Therapist was. Sabrina was beautiful and sweet and vivacious and happy. David grew more suspicious.They had dinner; David's dog nearly killed Sabrina's dog. Almost two years later, Sabrina is still beautiful, sweet, vivacious, and happier than ever now that she is married to David, who, happily married to Sabrina, daily grows less suspicious. Their first child is due this January, and their dogs are inseparable.

Sabrina and David