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Dear 100hookup,

I just want to let you know of another success story. When I first heard about from my mom and a few other older hookup ladies from my health club, I thought that it was for "desperate losers who can't find people on their own." Hesitantly, I joined thinking that it couldn't hurt and maybe I could make some new friends. But little did I know that 2 months later, I would meet the man of my dreams. One night, I decided to try the chat room to see what it was like. That night, we started chatting. The next day, I gave him my phone number and we started talking. Our talks turned into 6-hour conversations. He lives in LA and I live in DC and after 3 weeks of talking on the phone every night, he came out here to visit. He's been back 2 times already. Also, we have taken 2 trips together, 1 to NY and 1 to Seattle/Vancouver. I still can't believe that it's been 2 months already. Now, he's interviewing out here in D.C. and plans to move here very soon. If it weren't for your service, we would have never met!

Thanks, for giving me the opportunity to meet this wonderful man.

I'll keep you informed if anything drastic happens (wink-wink). Thanks again!!!!

Inna B.
Bethesda, Maryland