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Erika & Brian

Dear 100hookup,

After finding it difficult to meet people to date, my friend encouraged me (well, forced me) to register for 100hookup. I had exhausted all the usual avenues to meet a mate, such as bars, work, friends and friends of friends. I resisted for a long time, until I saw my friend begin to have many dates generated from 100hookup. I did believe in personal ads or agencies, but 100hookup seemed to be a good resource. It gave you the chance to select from profiles and pics before you decided to contact someone, and also allowed you to decide whether to respond to someone else. If you did not want to respond, it gave a polite way to decline.

I initially went through the registration process and decided to be an active member of the 100hookup community. I sent out lots of e-mails trying to seek friendships and a possible long-term relationship. After many dates and few nice women, I decided to be less of an active participant and wait for someone to contact me. Although we can debate the "looks over personality issues," I decided to only respond to those that had pictures. That was until I got an e-mail from a Canadian woman living in South Jersey. No pic and geographically undesirable, but nonetheless I agreed to "drinks." A public place in the late evening was selected, just in case I did not care to stay for a long time.

Well, to my surprise I had only wished that the evening could have been longer. Because of the late hour, she had already eaten, and I was exhausted. However, my plea for a date the next evening was accepted, and we have been together ever since. We got engaged on August 11, 1999 and married on April 9, 2000. Although Erika is originally from Canada and then South Jersey, we currently reside in North Jersey and are expecting our first child in June 2001.

Although a friend and fate have put us together, we cannot deny the part that the 100hookup service played. Thanks.

Erika C. and Brian H.
Mahwah, NJ