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Tracy & Alon

Found love on 100hookup?

Dear 100hookup,

We were both experienced with 100hookup and somewhat jaded. After several disappointing experiences, you loose a bit of trust in what the person feels towards you when you go on a date. You put up fronts, play games, and never ever put a person's number in your cell phone until you feel that you're officially dating. Even then, things are pretty unsure.

This was nothing like that. Nothing like a typical 100hookup relationship with the guy contacting the girl first and the couple proceeding to write witty messages (always waiting a day or two before responding). Nothing like getting to know each other via email before requesting a phone number and then chatting a couple of times before meeting in person. Nothing like playing the game of dating and seeming interested, but not too interested (or running away as fast as you could).

We just knew. I emailed him first with a one-liner (my first time taking the initiative), and he wrote back 20 minutes later requesting my phone number. We met for coffee a couple of hours later and spent the afternoon together. We put each others' numbers immediately into our cell phones. We talked on the phone the next day and met for dinner, and we proceeded to talk several times a day and see each other almost every day. Three weeks after that initial email, we canceled our 100hookup memberships. Six months after that initial email, we moved in together. A year and a half after that initial email, we got engaged. Our wedding date is July 29, 2007!

Inspiration for other 100hookuprs:
The way Alon proposed was the most amazing, romantic moment anyone could possibly dream of. He surprised me in front of my entire school in a head-to-toe costume! (I'm a teacher and this school is my family.) Words cannot describe this special moment.

We wanted to thank 100hookup and give hope to the current members.

Tracy and Alon
Los Angeles, CA

Found love on 100hookup?