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Robyn & Ari

Dear 100hookup,

Robyn (EncinoGirl36) and Ari (WestwoodAri) met in 2005. After about a month of emailing back and forth, I asked Robyn on a dinner date. Robyn usually refused dinner dates but said “yes” when I asked, but only after consulting with her mom. You see, I'm a Major in the United States Army, and Robyn wasn't too sure she wanted to date a military man. Robyn's mom saw the well-written email I wrote and told her she should give me a chance. I love my new mother-in-law!

We met at Luna Park Cafe where Robyn almost ran over the valet when she forgot to put her SUV in park. We spent the next three hours closing down Luna Park Café, and neither of us has dated another person since.

We were married on the beach in Vancouver, Canada on July 4, 2006 and recently moved from Los Angeles to Greenwood, Indiana.

We are forever grateful for the internet in general and for 100hookup in particular. We hope to someday have children and raise them in a strong hookup household. For now, we have two dogs: 11 year old Angel Willoughby and 14 week old Montana Blue.

We wish everyone on 100hookup much success and happiness.

Ari and Robyn
Los Angeles, California and Greenwood, Indiana