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Karen & Mark

Found love on 100hookup?


Karen and I met on 100hookup when Karen sent a Flirt: “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together." Karen had just moved. She was broke and could not afford to be a paying member. That's why she sent the Flirt. I replied, and she paid to read the email. She signed up just so she could see the reply. She saw the picture and profile and knew I was the one.

We dated and eventually moved in together. We got engaged a year later and married in December. We are now expecting (G-d willing) a child. I guess her Flirt came true.

We both dated on the Web through other websites, but if not for 100hookup, we would have never met. What's more, we were both online the day of contact, and after a couple of rapid fire emails on the site, we exchanged numbers. An hour or so later, we were eating sushi in the Lower East Side! The rest is history and the future ahead.

Mark and Karen
New York, NY

Found love on 100hookup?