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Brenda & Evan

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The worst part about being single was the loneliness that came each night going to sleep in my own empty bed. No one to love and no one who appreciates the wonderful person that I really am.

I have dated quite a number of people from 100hookup, but when I met Evan, I knew that he was not like the others. Evan first contacted me in December. I immediately noticed that there was no photo on his profile and warning bells went off. I thought that if he didn't put up a photo, it must mean that he wasn’t attractive. What it actually meant was that he didn't want people to recognize him.

Against my better judgment, I decided to reply to his email. I sent a nice little response to him, but did not get anything back. The second time he emailed me was a few weeks later, making no mention of his first email. This one I decided to ignore, since it seemed that ‘this character’ obviously was emailing way too many women to keep track. A few weeks later, I got one last email (you've got to love the persistence here) mentioning that this was his third and very last email because he had not received any response from me and that he was a really good looking guy and that he would love it if I responded. I sent him a carbon copy of my first email response that I had sent the month before. Apparently, it got lost somewhere in cyberspace.

We went out for a wonderful Italian dinner the very next day, and that's when he sprung it on me. He told me that he wanted to get married and have a family in the very near future and that if that was not my goal that, hopefully, I would not waste his time. Who does that on a first date??? I appreciated the honesty, but my fear of getting married again almost got the better of me. It was the second time around for the both of us. Just because you are divorced does not mean that you are damaged goods. It just means that you are a little smarter and not as naive.

We moved in together four months later and got married a year later. We are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary, and we have a beautiful newborn daughter that has really changed our lives. (We really like to do things quickly!)

We enjoy being active together. When you have a workout partner, going to the gym becomes a fun outing. We discovered that we have many things in common and many things that are very different. Evan is neat, and I am not so neat and very disorganized. He has really helped me organize my life. We also discovered that since I love to cook and he loves to eat that we are naturally a good combination.

Going to bed is no longer something negative for me. There are lots of hugs, kisses and that perfect shoulder to sleep on. Each morning, I wake up to my husband, our daughter cooing happily and my husband's tiny chocolate brown poodle curled up at my feet. I really don't think that life can get any better than this.

I am so glad that my husband was so persistent with his emails; otherwise, our lives would have taken a very different turn. I suppose that when you find a good thing, you should hold on tight and not let go.

Please keep up the great work 100hookup! We are forever in your debt.

Brenda and Evan
North York, U.S.A and Ontario, Canada

Found love on 100hookup?