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Q. What is the 100hookup Toolbar privacy policy?

The 100hookup Toolbar is operated by Conduit, a third-party provider.

The 100hookup Toolbar is safe and easy to install and uninstall and does not transmit any information about its users. Conduit does collect statistics on feature usage, but the data is anonymous and does not contain any personal information or identify a specific user’s habits.

To prevent your toolbar activity from appearing in statistical data collection, you may disable statistical data transfer at any time (for directions, see below). Conduit does not match individual users with their specific Web or toolbar usage or share their information with any outside parties.

In addition the 100hookup Toolbar does not:

  • Spy on your browsing habits
  • Launch pop-up or pop-under advertisements
  • “Hijack” your searches
  • Modify the web pages you visit
  • Block uninstallation
  • Create security holes for other people or programs to access your computer
  • Sell or rent your email address or any other personal information

*To prevent your toolbar activity from appearing in statistical gathering:

  1. On the toolbar, click on the triangle directly to the right of the 100hookup homepage link and select “Toolbar Options” from the drag-down menu
  2. Select the “Additional Settings” tab
  3. Uncheck the “Send usage statistics” box, then click “OK”