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Q. How do E-cards work?


To send an E-card to a member, either:

A. Go to the member's profile, click on the E-CARD button, choose an E-card and click send.


B. Go straight to the E-card section, pick a card and enter the member’s username to send.

Either way, once you click send, the E-card will be sent to the member’s onsite inbox. He or she will be notified at their offsite email address and can then login to read the card. Remember, however, that only Premium Members can access their onsite inbox.

To send an E-card to a non-member, go to the E-card section, choose a card, enter the person’s email address and click send. The person will be notified by email and then can click through from the email to view the E-card.


To pick up an E-card, go to the email notification in your offsite email, and you will be prompted to either:

A. Click straight through to view the E-card – this happens when the E-card is sent to your email address


B. Login and view the E-card in your onsite inbox – this happens when the E-card is sent using your username. Remember, you must be a Premium Member to view messages in your onsite inbox.

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Q. How do E-cards work?